Remixes vol.1 (2006–2016)

During a 10 year journey, riddled with the need to redefine my music identity while experimenting with sound blends and rediscovering the power of some old-school beats, I compiled this collection of remixes; grateful to have sampled material from talented artists I respect and admire. Now they are compiled into a single volume, distributed as a free release.

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Ten years, ten songs; that’s not very productive. In reality, these songs were produced in bursts during the years 2005, 2008 & 2010, with the first songs “officially” released in 2006. All the other years were practically dry music-wise. Truth be told, I thought it was the end; I had my run creating music and it was a thing of the past for me. But then something happened in August 2016…

Sometimes you have to distance yourself from something to understand how it affects your life. Producing music had a profound effect for defining myself and through it my understanding of the world and despite trying to replace it with something better when it was gone, I couldn't. Why did I ever stop making music in the first place, if it was such a source of joy and enlightenment? Simply put, because I was convinced I wasn't good enough.

I was producing electronic music that didn't fit any genre; and as usual, people were complaining about something they didn't understand. That eventually wore me out and my activity as a producer entered and indefinite hiatus. Now, after the necessary time to clear my head has passed, I've decided to return back to what I knew. Not for anyone else but for myself. And as a first step, I turned my interest to these remixes, with an honest appreciation for the time and craftsmanship that went into creating them.

All intended

This is no joke; it’s a well executed plan. It’s really important to me to be precise in my work, and when it comes to producing music it is unequivocally important that my creative voice is unspoiled, untainted. Granted, there are some flaws here and there, some clicks and pops I could've lived without, but those are the things you just have to live with, I guess. They are now part of the songs and I wouldn't have them any other way. The message of each song comes first and the application of that message is before any other technicalities in the production.

It’s still chilling how real the haunting “Make it up” is, reflecting me hitting rock bottom. “Down like disco” is one of those cautionary tales that you just know it will be a self-fulfilling prophecy. The girl power of “Don’t ask me where I've been” is a tribute to all women. On “The truth is sold out”, I like the “honesty” of the gaps between the beats that add an effect of “stalling” and the way the breakdown “decays”, as it all seems to contribute to the overall sentiment. “The Button” is pure excitement, a single momentary thought stretched to sink the listener into the depths of an uncontrollable urge. This range of emotions is consistent with being a multi-dimensional personality, as most of us are.

The order or the songs has been meticulously tailored. Noteworthy in the arrangement, the stark difference between tracks 7–8, in which 8 (titled “Don’t ask me where I've been”) is intended to act as a palette cleanser from the ironic disco beat. Say for example, I had reversed tracks 6 & 7 then 6 (namely “Can’t forget that dream”) would've been “affected” by the vibe of the previous track. After “Can’t forget that dream” the range in sounds should be established, so by the time you hear “Down like disco” it’ll be no surprise why it sounds the way it does…

“Dark Necessities” is the natural end to the set, both because of its content and because it was the song that rekindled my love for electronic music and was the last remix that was produced in the volume. To elaborate on the former, it refers to the same concept as “Fell out of the sky” but also concludes the question set in the first song, “Origins Unknown”: You may be wondering about my origins but you definitely don’t know me.

This compilation is dedicated to everyone that stops listening to experts and persists in creating exactly what they want. This tension is what brought me back to electronic music. This tension is the set… Against all commercial traits, an audience applauding means nothing to me. That’s why I’ll be turning off all popularity meters. This music is not for entertainment or celebrity. So, there you have it. Some teenage angst with different packaging. Enjoy.

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