Malagasy Skateboarding in Malagasy mainstream videos

Nowadays, skateboarding is so huge worldwide that now it is an Olympic sport. It is (finally) seen by the “normal people” as a good entertainment, like watching a Basketball or a Soccer (football). And that change is felt localy, speaking of Madagascar. Back in 2006 (when I started), every single person met in the streets are haters : “can’t wait to see you fall !” said the most or “have you ever had severe injuries ? keep skateboarding and you will have one” ; The most original I got back then was “Skateboarding will brings you nowhere, you can’t win a cup with that, instead let’s play Rugby (or bowling)”.

10 years later, When skating the same streets people now are like : “ Hey, we see you on the Tv guys, So fun watching you doing those stunts, keep the good stuff ! ” or “Man ! I wish I could skateboard so I can move easily in town.” and all the sweet word we really appreciate !!! People are now getting what skateboarding is all about and this because in 10 years, skateboarding infiltrate slowly but surely the mainstream media. You can see it in Malagasy Movie like “Piraty” (starring: Françis Turbo), on some musician song videos and all over the advert… it was still shy back in 2006 but today it’s everywhere…

So here , I would mention some of those “infiltration momment” which has influenced public view of skateboarding or just some which represented an era.

Raboussa — Tanàna 1000

Skateboarding tricks is at 0:10 mark !

Featuring the infamous spot of “Connex” or “Connexion”, the one at the Independence Avennue, This music video of Raboussa has inconsciously store the “very firts era” of Skateboarding in Antananarivo. Because in the early 2000’s to around 2005 it was the “official spot”, the pionners of Malagasy skateboarding as planted the seed on that place. Taking photos and videos wasn’t even a thing for everyone those days, so there is barely archives of those era. This is why those few second of skateboarding in this video are golden. (at 0:10 mark)


When Malagasy Movie was “booming” it is the first which featured skateboarding in malagasy skateboard culture and still the only one to date to do so !!! Skateboarding stuff is at 40:25 mark !

It was around 2008, Skateboarding got it first “moment of trend” because of “Gliss Poz”; an Extreme sport Tv show by Teg and Steph. It was so trendy that some Malagasy movie producer got the idea to include a bit of skateboarding on their film ! So it was the guys of BRSS (Bike Roller Skate Surf) asso with Teg who got involved in this one. That action around 40:25 mark was the very first trick every single Malagasy would know, and it what they would ask to a skateboarder to do if they meet one. And of course after that the famous “Buttboarding” because even Françis Turbo could do that one.

Shao Boanna — Number one

at 0:05 mark

Still 2008-ish or a bit before or after that, now skateboarding is not only focused at Downton Analakely (Independence Avenue) anymore. “Crew” are growing at their respective streets, and the one who got recorded with a second in this Video Clip is Mahamasina a.k.a Bona. Next to the “square point carré” primary public stand the infamous ledge and sidewalk responsible of some of the best skateboarder in Antananarivo today. The same spot they have made this video. So seeing a chunk of skateboarding was a must for this one.

Agrad — Izao koa mba misy (vonololo)

It start pretty much with the video

Fast Forward and we are in 2013, Marais Masay skatepark was the only skatepark in whole Madagascar, and it is one of those spot where Malagasy singer loves to do music video. Agrad had the idea of doing a “urban feel” clip so it have to involve some extreme sport. And they got the chance to find my self and some homies who was earlybirds skater at the park that day … (lol) … I would let you guess who am I in the video. We were shooting something for No comment Magazine that day. For February 2013 issue (#37). A testimony of the second “moment of trend” of skateboarding after a bit of “dull moment”from 2009 to 2012.

sneak peak of the No Comment Magazine #37 (you can read each No Comment Magazine here :

Alson — Hary Elatra

Pretty much in all the video

A year later, 2014. Alson made a song video in the same “urban feel” but this time with Skateborders as “stuntmans” !!! Even the thumbnail is a recording of one of the legendary and the unfortunate R.I.P Spot of Antsahatsiroa, Andohalo. The same parking lot who hosted and give born to TiNik’s contest. Where some of the early S.M.E.G (Skateboarding Malagasy Education Group) Asso meetings and brainstormin session took place. And also the spot where some of the greatest skateboarder of Antananarivo do their daily session. The Redbull teams are some of the latest who skated it before the ultimate closing by fence made by “the owner of the land”. But the video has also some parts going down at the Bona spot that was featured in Shao Boana’s Number one too !

Touch By Karen Air Jordan

Skatestuff goes at 4:03

This one was in 2015 and a fun one, it took place at Andohalo, the same spot as Alson’s “Hary elatra”. And few guys got featured in the Tv Show Touch By Karen which talks mainly about Fashion. And this one is showing more “acting talent” of the guys than skateboarding itself, but it made the cut and putted skateboarding on the map !(I am also featured in this one so I let you guess who ? :P)

Exiger L’authentique — Bolo feat Jess Flavi one

check out at 1:04 mark

and here we are in 2016, the Malagasy skateboard “legend” known as Jean-Charles is now famous in the music industry as “Jess Flavi One”. He didn’t forget about skateboarding tho and show his roots in their Music Video “exiger l’authentique”. Action goes on the 1:04 mark.

That’s pretty much what I found on the Internet ! but if you guys still have some, let me now and I would update this article. Let me know on the comment, by facebook or any means of communication you got ! Peace !!!