How to light your bedroom for a cozy environment

When it comes to decorating a bedroom, lighting is not necessarily the first thing that comes to mind. It’s a very subtle touch, yet it can impact your sleeping habits and how well you rest every night. In order to create a cozy atmosphere, take into consideration your daily habits.

For most people, a bedroom is a sacred place to rest and foster romantic activities. For others, it’s an environment where creativity and productivity flourish.

If your main goal is to sleep well and relax, stick to accent lights. Wall mounts and pendant lights are perfect for this purpose. Try to use a symmetric layout because patterns help our brains relax. For wall mounts, place your bed against a solid wall and facing away from openings such as doors and windows, then place a light on each side. For accents pendant lights, use the rule of three with each light hanging at a different length.

If you like reading or working in your bedroom, choose an activity light. The best options are minimalist lamps or ambient lights placed behind decorative objects. A good option is to choose a lamp that you can turn on and off without having to get out of bed. It sounds simple, but it makes a huge difference when it comes to comfort.

In any case, make sure your light bulbs are between 2,000 and 4,000 lumens. Anything above that will create a space that deters these activities.“

The perfect light bulb for a bedroom has between 2,000 and 4,000 lumens” — Click to Tweet

The perfect environment without a doubt will come From a combination of lights that adapts to your personality. For inspiration, take a look at the trend for 2017; dramatic pendant lights that dangle over bedside tables.

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