Jesus Must Be So Proud

I’ve noticed something about people who complain about people on welfare.

They also often complain about people on drugs, and people on welfare on drugs. They complain about immigrants. They complain about Muslims praying five times a day.

They think any protestors are out-of-line and that cops have the right to kill unarmed teenagers in ‘self-defense’, but women should not have the choice or right to have an abortion.

They say government is too big, politicians are all the same (though these people always vote Republican), and there is a lot of talk about how ‘people take no responsibility for anything’.

During all of this complaining, I never hear any mention of God.

But if someone criticizes their views, as possibly being racist or ignorant…all of a sudden the tune changes.

When’s it’s their personal responsibility being questioned, then it becomes time to hide behind God. It’s time to avoid responsibility and just mindlessly repeat, ‘God has a plan.’


So the people on welfare, the immigrants, the refugees, the Muslims, the protestors, and the Democrats… all of these groups apparently are not part of God’s plan.

It must be sheer coincidence that God’s plan perfectly aligns with their political beliefs, alternative facts, and white supremacy. And in so doing, gives them a place to hide from the personal and moral responsibility they claim society lacks.

Funny how that works.

Jesus must be so proud.