Turkey Extends Tax Deadlines Due To Coronavirus Outbreak

Turkey passes special legislation on COVID-19 support measures

Turkish taxpayers will have a six-month extension to file their taxes because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Which taxpayers’ tax payments were postponed for 6 months ?

  • Suspend tax payments for 6 months to companies in selected industries
  • All taxpayers who are liable for income tax in terms of commercial, agricultural and professional earnings
  • Taxpayers operating in the sectors where there are workplaces decided to temporarily interrupt their activities within the scope of the measures taken by the Ministry of Internal Affairs in terms of their main field of activity,

In which sector firms can benefit from tax deferment?

Directly affected by the coronavirus epidemic and by its main field of activity; logistics including retail centers, health services, furniture manufacturing, iron and steel industry, mining and quarrying, building construction services, industrial kitchen manufacturing, automotive manufacturing and trade, and parts and accessories manufacturing for automotive industry, vehicle rental, storage activities and artistic services such as transportation, cinema and theater, publishing activities of books, newspapers, magazines and similar printed products including printing, accommodation services including tour operators and travel agencies, food and beverage services including restaurants, cafes, textile and apparel manufacturing and trade, and the public Taxpayers operating in the event and organization services sectors, including public relationships

Which businesses are temporarily suspended?

Theater, cinema, show center, concert hall, engagement / wedding hall, restaurant / café with music / music, casinos, pub, tavern, coffee shop, café, cafeteria, country garden, hookah lounge, hookah cafe, internet lounge, internet cafe, each all kinds of playgrounds, all kinds of indoor playgrounds (including shopping malls and restaurants), tea garden, clubhouses, amusement park, swimming pool, Turkish bath, sauna, hot spring, massage parlor, SPA and sports centers.

When the tax payments will be made ?

Companies will pay their taxes

  • October instead of April,
  • November instead of May
  • December instead of June

Which Taxes will postponed ?

Valued added and withholding tax payments postponed





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