Why Accounting Offices Should Learn DesignThinking ?

Increasing the quality of the services provided by the financial consultancy offices is only possible as long as they understand the needs of the companies and create appropriate solutions for them.

Accounting firms will increase the customer satisfaction if they integrate the design thinking system into the daily business processes. Accounting firms need new way of thinking because achieving the desired results gets harder every day if they continue to do what they used to do. They have to create value and create solutions to their customers for competitive and sustainable advantage in the market.

A system of continuous learning should be established by financial consultancy companies, aware that today’s needs will not be the needs of tomorrow.

But how ?

Of course with communication and empathy.

When we empathize with the customer, we understand that

First need of the customer is learning amount of the tax they will pay (

Second need of the customer is time of the tax payment

Third need of the customer is learning why they pay this amount of tax ? is it possible to decrease amount ? Did the accounting company used all the tax benefits that can be used ?

Photo by Patrick Perkins on Unsplash

For accounting sector client oriented means, learning the client’s pain points, customize the monthly accounting procedures according to company’s needs. I believe that in any company that takes place in service sector, has to customize the service according to company’s demands. Customization creates customer loyalty.

Therefore communication with each client separately is important because every client may have different priorities.For instance some of the clients demand their tax statements at the beginning of the month, some clients are already know what will they pay, so they do not demand early.

The issue of avoidance of tax is a very important issue for all taxpayers. Of course every tax payer wants to pay minimum tax .Companies want to make sure that all tax benefits are used when calculating the taxes they pay.

At that point accounting office should understand this thought and explain the details of tax statement detailed.


I think it is imperative to establish a continuous learning organism to be a person or institution that can proactively predict and solve the problems to be experienced in the firm’s accounting processes

Cpa Evren ÖZMEN



Yazılım, Startup ve Fintech dünyası özelinde vergisel avantajlar, muhasebe işlemleri ve şirket kuruluşu ile diğer bütün konularla ilgili herkesin anlayabileceği şekilde basit ve net bilgiler. info@ozmconsultancy.com

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