It is Rape Awareness Week in New Zealand

As a rape survivor, I would like to take this opportunity to contribute towards efforts to raise awareness on this issue. The statistics relating to this subject is sobering — 1 in 5 Kiwi women will experience sexual assault as adults.

Unfortunately, I had experienced my assaults as a child over the course of a year. I wrote an an article on the impact of this on my life (in this publication) earlier this month.

It was with some sadness that I realise that I continue to experience an irrational need to feel shame about the assaults, even by this time. In truth, I found it disturbing that I had minimised the language on the incidents as “sexual molestation” in the same article, when what I had experienced was rape.

Fortunately, I had been able to be more forthcoming in my poetry on the subject. The links for these, as below, are predominantly for Juxtapose, my mature publication, but there are also a few from Parallel, my other publication. Please be warned, some of the poems describe sensory and emotional experiences with significant detail.

I am pledging to only post poetry related to rape and sexual assault during the course of this week. As such, the list of links as below will grow throughout this timeframe. Overall, I hope that these poems will provide insight into the impact of the horrors of rape — at least from one survivor’s perspective.


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