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The Park Bench Moment or Experience

The Park Bench Moment or Experience. Photo copyright©2018 by Franco Esteve. All rights reserved.

Unlike its more powerful sister, 360 VR is a passive experience. It shares a lot of the common wonders of virtual reality, like immersion and full 360 degree views, but you don’t get to interact or move about the world in the way that you would with tethered and fully powered virtual reality (think Oculus Rift or Playstation VR). 360 VR is most commonly viewed with a smartphone paired with a Google Cardboard or compatible viewer. Its main advantages are affordability and portability while still allowing for an amazing and fully immersive experience.

The Park Bench

There are a lot of amazing experiences to be had with 360VR, from investigative journalism to short films to rides to commanding views of the world. At Mallorca 360 we’re currently focused on what Franco Esteve calls the “Park Bench Moment or Experience.” What this means is that we look for places where we ourselves would love to have a park bench to sit on and just sit there and experience it.

Now, one might be inclined to think this is only in the remote outskirts of the world, out in nature, or in a controlled, park environment, but “park bench moments” can also exist in the middle of a busy street or city center. It can be people watching, contemplating nature, a beautiful beach, a stream, or a forest, but it’s that wonderful experience of just existing, listening and taking in the outside world. It’s something we sometimes miss in our everyday lives.

Mallorca is full of places that communicate this particular experience, and we already offer quite a few of them. Here are six of our favorites in no particular order, two with wonderful music, especially created by Franco Esteve for them, and the others with the natural sounds of the locations themselves:

Porto Cristo rocks by the sea opposite the lighthouse in 360º 4K VR
Torrent de Na Maians small waterfall in Capdepera in 360º VR
Passeig des Born in Palma in 360º VR with music by Franco Esteve
The view from the Talaia d’Albercutx tower in Formentor in 360º VR with music by Franco Esteve
Experience the UNESCO protected, “flat geyser” hydrological phenomenon at Ses Fonts Ufanes in Campanet (part of the UNESCO World Heritage Serra de Tramuntana mountain range) in 360º VR
Sa Farinera Pond along the Canyamel Torrent in Capdepera in 360º VR

We’re sure you already have favorites of your own, or will have some soon as well, as you too have your own “park bench moment or experience”.

Though we hope to bring you other 360 degree, VR experiences in the future, we will always continue to produce this type of park bench experience. We love them, as we ourselves continue searching for that park bench moment for us to experience. Lots of you have communicated your love of these as well, and we’re very happy that it’s helped those of you who’ve been sick in bed or unable to travel or had been searching for a religious contemplation experience. Thank you for your messages and comments.

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