1hr Turbo Session: Working on your Aerobic Endurance

Incorporating Technique & Cadence Drills

One of the lead coaches from the Mallorca Experience Tri camp Santi Brage provides a beginner session to kick start your winter turbo training programme.

insta: anthonywylie9 // insta: cteasdel

With the day’s closing in, including a turbo session once a week through the winter months is a great tool for targeted training and maintaining fitness.

For this session you’ll need: Bike, turbo, turbo block (to raise your front wheel off the ground), and water bottle, towel, stopwatch and/or cycling computer, and finally have good play set.

Set the turbo with bike up on a flat floor and have adequate ventilation, it’s going to get hot!

For this session

  • Effort — Steady and Constant HR Zone 2 or RPE 12
  • No rest times as goal is to build aerobic endurance
  • If you have resistance, make sure it is no more than moderate


5 minute gentle spinning, increasing cadence and resistance, RPE 10 max by end of W/up

Front cog: Small ring Rear: easy gear

Build session

7 minutes in total. Really important to be aware of your cadence

1 minute @ 80 rpm

1 minute @ 90 rpm

1 minute @ 100 rpm

1 minute @ 110 rpm

1 minute @ 100 rpm

1 minute @ 90 rpm

1 minute @ 80 rpm

Front cog: Small ring Rear: easy gear

Main session

33 minutes in total. Concentrate on technique and controlled constant effort — RPE 12

Front cog Rear cog

2 x 3 minutes single legs drills:

First 3 minutes 1 min Right, 1 min Both, 1 min Right small ring easy

Second 3 minutes 1 min Left, 1 min Both, 1 min Left small ring easy

5 minutes cadence of 90–100 increasing gear each minute small ring Top-2

Repeat twice again, i.e. 3 sets in total


7 minute: Spin down as per Build Set

Stretch major muscle groups after cool down

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