The best job in the world?

When I said we have no content, they said lets go get some.

At Glass, we are thrilled to be working with the Mallorca Experience Tri Camp, a new kid on the block for Europe’s Triathlon camp scene and promising to be one of the best.

Working as a social media agency, we work with a clients across a host of industries. With the nature of the work that we do, there are no real road blocks to which industry paths we take and it’s always refreshing to try something new.

When we started this project we were conscious of the lack of original content. As this is a shiny, new camp we didn’t have a bank of images or videos to market the camp to potential customers. We were relying on UGC from social channels and illustrative wording to help people connect with the Mallorca Experience and visualise themselves on the camp.

I raised the lack of content with the team and their response was music to my ears: Lets go and get some then.

We spent 3 days with the Mallorca Experience team, collecting content and testing their routes — I even got some 1-on-1 coaching! We were hosted in Triathlon Heaven aka Ferrer Hotels Janeiro, where the camps will be based in 2016. It was a fantastic trip & we can’t wait to head back out with the team in February.

We now have a bank of content that we can use over the winter months and a much better understanding of the product.

Check out our teaser trailer below.

Makes sure to check out the Mallorca Experience Facebook page & stay tuned for future videos.