Bandy the Bandit

You are perfect

You wanted only to be loved

To know you had a home

Never to be abandoned

We gave you that

You gave us loyalty… love… adoration… a joyful silliness

You are such a beautiful girl… You stop people in their tracks

Now it’s time for you to be with your sister… Smokey

We will miss you dear girl

Know that you will always have a home in our hearts

What a silly girl…

Two and a half years ago we adopted Smokey and Bandit. These sweet girl dogs, giant Malamutes, had been surrendered by their previous owners, who, due to changing circumstances, were unable to continue looking after them. What a wonderful pair! Just the right antidote for us to heal from the loss of our previous pair, Arlo & Cassie. After only one year we lost Smokey to lymphoma. Now, Bandit is taken from us by bone cancer.


Rest in Peace Dear Bandy Girl Your Whidbey People, Mal & Mallerina