The Robert

I have had the same hairstyle for YEARS. A bob. The Robert. Cut as short as possible so that I don’t have to do anything with it; wash it, comb it into place and off I go. I had a bob when I first met my husband, a bob when I had my children, and a bob now. “Same again, but as short as you can at the back,” I always ask my hairdresser. She probably rolls her eyes behind my back. Or behind my hairstyle. Which is basically the same thing.

As my hair is dead straight, my husband tells me that my hair looks like a helmet, and this is a long standing family joke – ‘Mom’s wearing her helmet’! Yet, when I look at my hair in the mirror I can often see exactly what he means. Jokes aside, I do sometimes look like I am wearing a little brown helmet on my head!

Most girls keep photographs of hairstyles they would like to try, which they show to their hairdressers, in the hope that they be transformed into sex goddesses with either sweeping red locks, or cute platinum blonde pixie cuts, or sultry brunette waves. I have decided that I too, will keep a photograph handy of my desired hairstyle. You can never go wrong with a bob!!

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