Crypto for a Cause

A revolutionary organization now turning revolutionary currency into impact.

At Mama Hope, we’ve always done global development differently. Mama hope was created in response to a broken aid system; one of outdated, top-down methods that were ineffective. We’ve tipped that model and the industry on its head. It’s no surprise that when we found out about cryptocurrency, developed in response to a broken banking system and revolutionizing the way money was being exchanged — we were immediately intrigued.

Mama Hope shifts the Global Development sector in three ways

“African Men. Hollywood Stereotypes.”


In 2011, we launched our controversial media campaign “Stop the Pity. Unlock the Potential.” We challenged stereotypes of poverty and challenged other organizations to stop relying on “poverty porn” — media tactics that use pity and guilt to drive donations. We were tired of seeing one-dimensional depictions that robbed people of their dignity. We chose to portray laughter instead of tears, connection instead of distrust, power instead of weakness, and potential instead of pity. We were met with viral success and it affirmed that the Stop the Pity message truly resonated. Check out our video, African Men, Hollywood Stereotypes, to see what the hype is about.

Construction at the Akili Girls’ School in Kenya.


Time and experience have taught us that offering a single, cookie-cutter, solution to one problem without addressing all the rest is a recipe for failure. A school can’t successfully educate children who are malnourished and falling asleep in class, or fetching water, or absent because of illness. A community needs an array of interlocking services, in combination with small small businesses that help sustainably fund bigger projects and generate income. Mama Hope supports multiple community-run businesses that generate income to cover operating costs, allow communities to flourish and even expand projects projects on their own. Our goal is to end dependency on outside aid — ultimately working ourselves out of a job.

Global Advocates Neale (center) and Mercy (right) collaborating with Queen Elizabeth Academy founder Kilines Sekwiha (left).


We are training the next generation of leaders through our Global Advocate Program. This 9-month fellowship teaches young professionals who are who are eager to impact the world, how to fund and launch humanitarian projects in partnership with global communities; think Peace Corps 3.0. We are changing the workforce and transforming the sector by introducing a new type of global leader — leaders who embody our core values of collaboration, love, abundance, integrity, respect, and empathy.

Cryptocurrency is an exciting possibility for MAMA HOPE!

We are seeing cryptocurrency as an exciting possibility for our organization and global communities. We have a few advisors in the space, including our first Bitcoin donor and inspiration behind going crypto, Jonathan King. Mama Hope has been receiving bitcoin donations since mid 2016, and now with the ICO boom in 2017, we are excited to introduce our first Bitcoin campaign and are eager to start exploring other forms of blockchain integration in the future. The goal of our Crypto for a Cause campaign is to show the world how Bitcoin can impact lives around the world and how organizations can benefit from innovation.

Cryptocurrency is great for causes and social impact organizations…

  • Donating cryptocurrency is the most effective way to maximize your donation and impact. Due to Crypto being transferred from person to person, traditional banking institutions can be a thing of the past. This is huge. Lean organizations greatly benefit from the lack of unnecessary fees and expenditures. Mama Hope works in communities where $1 goes a long way and every dollar counts.
  • Transaction times are much faster. It takes minutes to transfer cryptocurrency instead of multiple days (sometimes up to 10 for a wire transfer). When there is an emergency in one of our partner communities and we need to act fast, the ability to process and send money quickly is a game changer.
  • Anyone can join the market! There is no permission needed from the government, no bank account, no fees. This is an interesting concept to explore with our global partners. We can see how cryptocurrency can open up an entire platform for innovation in developing countries.

Jump on board with us! Donate your Bitcoin and make a huge difference in the world. You get the same tax benefits AND make a bigger impact. Check out just how far your coins can go ….