I’m Obsessed With Planners

Lana Graham
Sep 1, 2019 · 2 min read

Scissors. Paper. Planner.

Photo by Estée Janssens on Unsplash

I love planning. It’s an obsession. But I don’t see it as an unhealthy one.

In fact, isn’t something that helps you organise your daily life a healthy obsession?

My partner doesn’t get it. He keeps saying, “but it’s a just diary, right?”

And I keep correcting him. It’s a planner. It’s not only about keeping track of appointments or bills.

It’s about helping you organise your busy life so you can tick off each box on your planner list and feel a sense of achievement. Even if you’ve only managed to get out of your pyjamas. You can add a sticker that says: Got dressed today!

When I have my planner in front of me and I’m organising my week, I feel connected to a whole community of planning-obsessed people. On my Facebook planning groups, I can post pictures of my planner pages adorned with stickers, or ask about the best pens to use that won’t cause ghosting.

Is it just me or do other adults get excited over stickers, too? And don’t get me started on washi tape.

The journey of finding planner peace

Once you’re hooked on the whole planner thing, you can’t get enough. One planner isn’t enough. You need more.

I’ve had a bullet journal (or BuJo), Erin Condren, Passion Planner, Happy Planner, unlined, dot grid, vertical, horizontal and dollar shop planners. Just to name a few.

I’ve filled in mood trackers, weather trackers, writing trackers, water trackers and step trackers.

But ultimately it’s about finding planner peace. Finding your unicorn planner that perfectly blends into your life, to make your life easier.

Being a perfectionist, I haven’t found planner peace yet. I’m still looking for my unicorn planner that not only fits in my handbag but also contains everything I need to plan an entire year within its 100gsm, crisp off-white pages.

That wonderful feeling of being organised that comes with a planner is what I crave. Having my weeks laid out in front of me, scheduling zone cleaning, creating a writing routine or just listing three things I’m grateful for each day.

I’m obsessed with planners and I’m okay with that.

Lana Graham is Editor of Mama Write. She writes about parenting and her writing journey and lives in Sydney, Australia with her partner (her rock) and their three amazing sons. If you’d like my 3 Top Tips for being a successful new writer on Medium, then click here.

Mama Write

Be a Mama and a Writer

Lana Graham

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Editor of Mama Write. Lover of tea and planner geek. Mama of 3 sons from Sydney, Australia. Visit my website at lanagraham.com.au

Mama Write

Be a Mama and a Writer

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