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Mamaroneck Associated Press

Mamaroneck Associated Press (MAP) is a publication run by students at Mamaroneck High School in Mamaroneck, NY, under the guidance of Journalism teacher Evan Madin. As a group of journalists, we strive to report on the issues with integrity, respect, and honesty. Our team consists of reporters, editors, photographers, and web designers, working together to deliver the news accurately and efficiently.

This Fall, we are covering the 2016 Presidential Election. In the days leading up to Election Day, we are traveling through three contested counties within Pennsylvania, the hot battleground state that could determine the winner of this election. We are here to capture the electorate on film, hear their stories, and figure out what’s driving people to (or away from) the polls.

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On the Issues: Analysis of issues surrounding the election, and what voters have to say about them.

Street Sounds: Capturing the voices of voters and hearing what they have to say about this election.

People of Pennsylvania: A collection of photo-interviews, similar to Humans of New York, capturing voter’s stories and their thoughts on the Presidential Election.

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Twitter: @mamk_prez16

Instagram: @mamk_prez16

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