The Bare Truth

The Bare Truth

Truth is what we see, hear, and feel… so we think. Truth is not easy to define, maybe even impossible. It, like a fairy tale, is polar. You either foutwardly believe or you openly don’t. There is no happy medium.

How is it possible to believe something hidden so deep within us? Truth is unseen. The voice within us is in no way easy to comprehend; it won’t appear and start a conversation the way a person normally would. It is more delicate than that, like a piece of glass which can shatter at any given point. Sometimes one’s voice will appear spontaneously; sometimes it quite frankly will not. You might not even realize that a new door in your life opened from this unforeseen notion hidden so deep within you. It is almost like a puzzle. You put the pieces together. People do not know how to trust their inner self, no matter how hard they try. Truth however, is how we face reality. It is how we express ourselves. It helps us keep not only our self image but mental state sane. We will never know what is a truth and what is a lie. Until we have the ability to analyze the human brain, we cannot decipher the entire truth. Living in a judgmental society, we fake it until we ultimately make it.

But.. Truth is sticky in all aspects. It rips us apart, brings us together, and leaves us confused. We view truth as a coping mechanism to be strong for ourselves and for our loved ones. Truth is something we execute, cherish, and fall by. Yet one important question becomes how hard do we fall? Can we ultimately always fall back on something that we are uncertain even exists? Think about that.

Our society is overcome with lies that we’ve grown blind to. We see lies so frequently it has become a habit for society to just interpret them as the bare truth. If we cannot be real to other people, how can we possibly be real to ourselves? We must think and think hard.