Verdad אֶמֶת Truth Wahrheit

Truth: a recollection of moments put together to form a valid statement about a situation. It’s almost as though it is something spiritual, some fully embrace it and others push it aside. One knows that it’s present within them, but one cannot “see” it. One relies on it daily, but do we know that it’s real? Does the truth really exist, can it even exist? The answer is yes.

There are honest people in this world who tell the truth, stating facts about what the world really is. Truth is around us everyday, people depend on it, so it must exist. Our society is dependent on truth, in our government, education and law. People always find a way to take another path. In this case the path is either truth or lie.

Truth can be an interpretation of a certain situation. People can see truth differently, it all depends on the person’s perception. Truth is the reality and sometimes people do not want to face reality, so they alter the truth. They lie because they are too afraid to tell the truth.

People are blinded by lies, not allowing themselves to see right from wrong. People influence others into their own opinions, forcing them to state something they don’t believe. Sometimes the truth is adjusted to benefit the person talking or giving a statement. What stands between the truth and a lie is just a tweak of words, a change in body positioning or shift in mood. It’s very easy to be persuaded into thinking something is right when one knows it’s wrong. Sometimes people start to believe their own lies, not able to trust even themselves.

Telling the truth and believing the truth is based on trust. You must trust the person before you can truly come to a conclusion about their statement. No matter how hard we try sometimes people get away with lies, it’s reality. A lie digs you into a deep hole that you may not be able to recover from. Telling the truth does not require a shovel to dig yourself out of that hole.

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