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4 min readMar 6, 2021


What if there was a wonder drug that helped improve the performance of your brain, immune function, learning and supported weight loss? That reduced your risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, obesity and cancer? And what if it was clinically proven, legal, free, and available to every body in the World? I’m sure you can see where this is going.

When you understand just how powerful sleep is — and consider that we all do it at least once every single day — it’s remarkable that so many of us don’t know and appreciate more about how sleep works and its myriad life-enhancing benefits.

So that’s what this week’s Power Up sets out to address.

From why sleep is the true elixir of life, to how to get more, better quality sleep, and even what’s going on when we dream, this week’s contents include:

  • Sleep is your Super Power
  • Identify your sleep chronotype to boost your productivity
  • 13 secrets to a better night’s sleep
  • Should you ‘hack’ your sleep pattern to achieve more?
  • How to lucid dream
  • 30 tips to help you fall asleep faster
  • Dreamwork 101: Your guide to interpreting dreams

Plus plenty of bonus content too…

I hope this week’s Power Up leaves you more informed and inspired to get a good night’s rest, and that you begin to reap those benefits.

Sleep tight…

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Sleep is your Superpower

Sleep is our life-support system and Mother Nature’s best effort yet at immortality, says sleep scientist Matt Walker.

In this Ted Talk on the science of slumber, Walker shares the wonderfully good things that happen when we get sleep — and the alarmingly bad things that happen when we don’t, for both our brain and body. Watch now.

Identify your sleep chronotype to boost your productivity

Sleep patterns vary from person to person based on age, activity levels, and sleeping conditions, so it’s essential to find a routine that works for you.

Sleep chronotypes help us understand our sleep patterns and productivity schedules better, so you can make the most of your day. Are you a lion, dolphin, bear or wolf?

13 secrets to a better night’s sleep

From understanding our circadian rhythms, to room temperature and magnesium, there are a range of factors that influence how well we sleep.

So if you’re tired of waking feeling unrefreshed, here are 13 things you can try adjusting.

Should you ‘hack’ your sleep pattern to achieve more?

A seemingly common trait of geniuses like Nikola Tesla and Leonardo da Vinci is that they operated (and excelled) on very few hours of sleep per night.

While unorthodox sleep patterns may have worked for them, your mileage may vary. Attempting to sleep like a genius could wreak havoc on your brain and be detrimental to your health as this 9 minute video explains.

How to lucid dream

Most of us experience lucid dreaming at least once in our lives — but the experience of self awareness whilst dreaming, and the feeling of being able to somehow control the narrative is actually a skill that can be developed — and one that can reduce anxiety, boost creativity and problem solving, as well as helping cure recurrent nightmares, PTSD and depression.

Tuck breaks down some of the more popular techniques people use to lucid dream.


I hope you found something valuable in this The Power Up.

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