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Chris Sowers
Oxford comma = hill I’m willing to die on. Coaching writers at https://www.coach.me/chris11873?ref=QOvEv. Or reach out at Chris@writing-coaching.com
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Connor Montgomery
Full-time Dad, building new things nights & weekends. Prev: long time @pinterest, a summer at Apple & first employee at Lift (now @coachdotme). High five!
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Donita Brown
Professor, Working Mom Encourager, and Author: https://amzn.to/2LWeuBM
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Cathy Presland
What if making an impact was part of your everyday? Stories to light up your soul. Read more and free courses: https://cathypresland.com/
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Aaron Horwath
Expat, reader, guy-who-writes. Reporting back from around the next bend. Creator of 12hourdifference.co and Letters to a Young Professional.
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Scott Mabry
Make the world a better workplace. @scottamabry
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Elizabeth Shassere
Author of Becoming a Fearless Leader http://amzn.to/2FR9cS0 | Founder and CEO of Textocracy Ltd.
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K.C. Healy
I rarely use a $10 word when a $2 one will do.
Go to the profile of Chris Rowe
Chris Rowe
Passionate about teaching leadership skills to developers. @LeadTechie, http://LeadTechie.com & https://www.coach.me/ChrisRowe?ref=Pp09w
Go to the profile of Marcus Blankenship
Marcus Blankenship
Hacker, Problem Solver, Calvinist, Geek. Author of Habits That Harm Your Technical Team. http://bit.ly/2HcjV8Z
Go to the profile of Abhi Vempati
Abhi Vempati
Software Engineer | Django is the best framework ever |
Go to the profile of Jake Stride
Jake Stride
I'm interested in shaping the future; particularly digital, automation, cyber physical systems and Industrial IoT.
Go to the profile of Frank Spevak
Frank Spevak
Helping small businesses electrify sales, enlarge profits and future proof their business through sustainable success strategies and growth mindset.
Go to the profile of Richard K. Yu
Richard K. Yu
Vandy '17. Analysis, opinion, and commentary | Contrarian | use richard@decipherschool.com or mention me to talk!
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Paul Dughi
Huntsville, Alabama
Go to the profile of Afshana Diya
Afshana Diya
CMO @ WPDeveloper | Community Deputy @ WordPress | Organizer @ Product Hunt | Traveler 🌎
Go to the profile of William Ballard, MBA
William Ballard, MBA
Freelance Writer, Author, and Content Marketing Strategist — Access “The Ultimate Book Marketing Plan for Self-Published Authors” https://bit.ly/3A2h52i
Go to the profile of Diego Moura
Diego Moura
#codenewbie on the making 👨🏾‍💻
Go to the profile of Ryan Gottfredson
Ryan Gottfredson
Ryan Gottfredson, Ph.D. is a cutting-edge leadership professor (Cal State U., Fullerton), consultant, researcher, trainer, and coach (www.ryangottfredson.com).
Go to the profile of Kelly Stewart
Kelly Stewart
Champion for Positive Businesses, Speaker, Strategic Thinker, and Practical Optimist.
Go to the profile of Susan Lewis
Susan Lewis
Badass writer and Human Rights Advocate. I’ve never asked for permission. Writer in “Chicken Soup for the Soul Believe in Miracles" patreon.com/SusanLewis
Go to the profile of Ree Jackson
Ree Jackson
Helping people through career trauma. Sharing thoughts on kindness, health, parenting, and politics too. Author of the ebook Reject Revolution. Be well.
Go to the profile of Deya Bhattacharya
Deya Bhattacharya
Communications consultant, bibliophile, fashionista, coffee drinker. Check out my services here: www.writetoexcel.com
Go to the profile of Emma Moran
Emma Moran
Exploring the intersection of psychology, human behavior, strategy, and design. https://www.sprintwell.com/
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April Thomas
MangoApps content and copywriter
Go to the profile of Brian Braudis
Brian Braudis
Coach | Advocate |
Go to the profile of Jennifer Kealahan
Jennifer Kealahan
Always believing... usually strong... Sharing a little piece of myself with the world and trying to make waves! https://www.facebook.com/jennifer.kealahan
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Laura Davidson Public Relations has guided some of the world’s most prestigious travel and lifestyle brands through an evolving media landscape.
Go to the profile of Misa Kozinova
Misa Kozinova
Executive Coach — misakozinova.com, chat based habit coaching on Coach.me https://www.coach.me/Misa?ref=zykM — free week with any coach with the code MISAWEEK
Go to the profile of Chris Rowe
Chris Rowe
Passionate about teaching leadership skills to developers. @LeadTechie, http://LeadTechie.com & https://www.coach.me/ChrisRowe?ref=Pp09w
Go to the profile of Vy Luu
Vy Luu
Leading, following and stumbling through life. Always searching for advice on becoming a better leader, colleague and human. LinkedIn.com/in/vyluu
Go to the profile of Keri Savoca
Keri Savoca
technical writer • site reliability engineer • engineering leader • all views are my own • kerisavoca.com 👩🏻‍💻
Go to the profile of Alice Berg
Alice Berg
Blogger from Bath, who received a degree in Social Work and Applied Social Studies. Now helps people to find their own way in life and gives career advice.
Go to the profile of Robert Drury
Robert Drury
Helping people kick start their product management career at gettingstartedinproduct.com * Product person at Watchfinder
Go to the profile of Gary Allen
Gary Allen
Passionate believer in human potential working towards getting paid to coach, write, read, and build software.
Go to the profile of Nicole Shephard
Nicole Shephard
Feminist researcher, writer & consultant | PhD LSE Gender | gender and technology | diversity and inclusion| intersectionality and data.
Go to the profile of Rob King
Rob King
Author, Interim Change Leader, co-Founder of Wzard Innovation, Lean Six Sigma & RPA Consultant, Public Speaker, Facilitator & Conference Moderator
Go to the profile of Renata Pellino-Porter
Renata Pellino-Porter
Helping small companies meet their strategic priorities through Organizational Planning and Executive Consulting. www.renataporter.com or rp@renataporter.com
Go to the profile of Jamie Hammond
Jamie Hammond
Content Creator and Speaker. I help professionals get un-stuck by helping them Speak, Grow, and Rise. Sign up for my email list: https://bit.ly/2N9BgUW
Go to the profile of Mark C. Titi
Mark C. Titi
Refresh Charity | markctiti.com
Go to the profile of Jeanne Grunert
Jeanne Grunert
Jeanne Grunert is an award-winning freelance writer, novelist, and content marketing consultant. Gardener, animal lover. Learn more at jeannegrunert.com
Go to the profile of Jose Bermejo, MBA
Jose Bermejo, MBA
Fractional Product Marketing & Sales / CRO / CMO for tech at www.predictableinnovation.com | Level up your Product Marketing Skills breakthroughgrowth.co
Go to the profile of Andreea Macoveiciuc
Andreea Macoveiciuc
Content strategist working with SaaS companies. Front end developer. Passionate about health, forensics.
Go to the profile of Johnny Villarreal
Johnny Villarreal
Chicago-based habit and performance coach building my writing chops, and empowering others to thrive in business, careers, and health.
Go to the profile of Cecil Adkins
Cecil Adkins
Thoughts on leadership, family, and writing.
Go to the profile of Vinita
Author: Upgrade Your Mindset. Scaling products → Scaling thinking (⊙_⊙) Former AVP Engineering, Swiggy. I write about work, progress and success.
Go to the profile of Vivek Mohan
Vivek Mohan
Write-In Candidate for the 2021 California Governor Recall Race. An immigrant, a father, husband, geek, corporate exec, small biz owner. LetsMakeCAWork.com.
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Go to the profile of Keith Hoffman
Keith Hoffman
Keith Hoffman lives with his husband Saul and is finishing up a memoir. Until that is published you can read his blog https://theravenlunatic.com.
Go to the profile of Naveen
Living in the Bay Area. Go to Market Analytics and Strategy at Adobe. Love all things data, Product, Growth,Startups, Fitness and Writing….
Go to the profile of Jessica Whitcutt Fagan
Jessica Whitcutt Fagan
Changing the world one company at a time. Founder & Chief of It’s a Shovel and Creator of the NoShelfControl book club — https://www.facebook.com/groups/noshelf
Go to the profile of Matt VanGent
Matt VanGent
CFO and nonprofit leader. Writing about things that help you succeed personally and professionally. Leadership coaching available: mattvangent.com
Go to the profile of Aram Kradjian
Aram Kradjian
Published in The Startup & UX Planet — chief engineer in automotive — research, product design, innovation, and strategy. Private pilot & space enthusiast
Go to the profile of Tony Hunter
Tony Hunter
Tony Hunter | Chairman and CEO at McClatchy Co.| Founder at TWH Enterprises | Leading From the Front | https://tonywhunter.com/
Go to the profile of Ryan Stoltz
Ryan Stoltz
Husband, father, VP, amateur writer, mountain biker, home gym enthusiast. 20 years of experience in distribution & manufacturing sales & operations leadership.
Go to the profile of Thierry Maout
Thierry Maout
Jack of all trades, master of some. Vancouver-based, I write about tech, business, MMA and education. Mostly in English, but sometimes in French too.
Go to the profile of Jacek Mech
Jacek Mech
VP Engineering at TrustYou, leader and agile methods enthusiast.
Go to the profile of Sébastien Dubois.
Sébastien Dubois.
Author, CTO. Subscribe to my newsletter: https://dsebastien.net/news. Follow me on Twitter https://twitter.com/dsebastien
Go to the profile of Phoenix Huber
Phoenix Huber
Just a vegan trans girl who writes and wishes she could be everyone’s friend. Reach me: uberpath@gmail.com.
Go to the profile of Chris Bergen
Chris Bergen
Award-winning manager | Top Writer in Leadership and contributor at The Startup, The Helm and more | I’m into 80’s metal, Sci-Fi and Fitness 🤟🏼
Go to the profile of Anthony Taylor
Anthony Taylor
Helping people use mental fitness for a great life. Author of Mental Toughness Metaphors — Stories to inspire resilience anthony@threefifty9.com
Go to the profile of Elod Pal Csirmaz
Elod Pal Csirmaz
Principal Engineer at NewsNow, independent researcher
Go to the profile of Anand Rao
Anand Rao
Digital Business Builder | SVP of Marketing @ AutoNation
Go to the profile of Scott Miller
Scott Miller
EVP of Thought Leadership at FranklinCovey, author of “Management Mess to Leadership Success” and co-author of “Everyone Deserves a Great Manager”
Go to the profile of Robert Bacal
Robert Bacal
Author, Trainer, customer service, management, performance appraisal,leadership,difficult customers
Go to the profile of Rodrigo Lopez
Rodrigo Lopez
Former attorney, 2x entrepreneur, organizational consultant and writer.
Go to the profile of JD Solomon
JD Solomon
Author of “Getting Your Boss’s Boss to Understand”. Finding inspiration in unique people and solving unique problems.
Go to the profile of Ivo Valchev
Go to the profile of Heidi Dulebohn
Heidi Dulebohn
Cracking Social Codes for Good| International Cultural Consultant | https://twitter.com/heididulebohn
Go to the profile of Jith
Mentor for leadership & people-skills. New voice in the data -powered business community. I try to expose the ‘meta of things’.
Go to the profile of Dan Temple
Dan Temple
Go to the profile of Jared Rand
Jared Rand
Data scientist, MBA, entrepreneur, founder at https://skillenai.com/
Go to the profile of Katja Hemmerich
Katja Hemmerich
Global idealist, change agent and head of Security Training and Development at the United Nations. All views are my own.
Go to the profile of Ryan Marshall Dunlap
Ryan Marshall Dunlap
Communication Strategist | Former Hostage Negotiator | Helping leaders identify communication malfunctions that contribute to conflict | www.RyanMDunlap.com |
Go to the profile of Joe Benyi
Joe Benyi
Masters in Engineering. I solve real problems with real people. Productivity, self-improvement, leadership, psychology and more. www.joebenyi.com
Go to the profile of Marta Simeonova
Marta Simeonova
A global HR professional who currently leads a team of 50 HR professionals across 13 countries. Loves naps. Author of Manage to Soar (https://managetosoar.com)
Go to the profile of Nick Fothergill
Nick Fothergill
Techie, Manager, sometimes a pilot
Go to the profile of Jess Wass
Jess Wass
Jess Wass is a Career Coach & OD Consultant with a Masters in Org Psych focused on helping people achieve with intention. Check me out at www.jesswass.com.
Go to the profile of S|B
I write about people @ work, their motivations, triumphs, tragedies, gut wrenching strife and struggles and their heartwarming stories of winning against odds.
Go to the profile of Gunnar Quante
Gunnar Quante
Helping students and young graduates to find fulfilling work. www.gunnarquante.eu
Go to the profile of Dave Chaimson
Dave Chaimson
Corporate by day, and in the write spaces when I can steal a moment away. Personal reflections of a complicated world.
Go to the profile of Agni Barathi (aka) Sriram
Agni Barathi (aka) Sriram
Philosopher, poet, technologist, manager, and an intrepid traveler in the WSOGMM. https://tinyurl.com/y3f95skk https://tinyurl.com/yytz8dbk
Go to the profile of Ilan Pinto
Ilan Pinto
Software Engineering Manager @ Red Hat. likes cooking, running and data driven decisions.
Go to the profile of Ivona Fikejzlova
Ivona Fikejzlova
Management Training · Organisational Development · Artist ·
Go to the profile of Jason B. Jowers
Jason B. Jowers
Florida Man, husband, father of two, musician, outdoorsman and searcher of knowledge and meaning.
Go to the profile of Leigh Penn
Leigh Penn
Mediocre surfer and snowboarder, spend my free time trying to improve. Warm weather is my north star.
Go to the profile of Maria Leonardi
Maria Leonardi
Remote work champion | Questioning, exploring, and imagining to inspire society to dream big and challenge the status quo 👇 slack.lavitalibera.com
Go to the profile of George Bohan
George Bohan
Born and raised in the South, living in Ohio. Writes about politics, management, and religion.
Go to the profile of Pushkar Anand
Pushkar Anand
Business Analyst by profession. Dreaming big. Exploring world viewpoints. Follow Chelsea FC. Japanophile. Love Sushi.
Go to the profile of Pamela Fuller
Pamela Fuller
Pamela Fuller is the lead author of “The Leader’s Guide to Unconscious Bias.” She currently serves as FranklinCovey’s thought leader on Inclusion and Bias.
Go to the profile of Chioma
Writer. Passionate about telling stories (my truth) to empower and to educate.
Go to the profile of Lee Ling Yang
Lee Ling Yang
Director of Product @ LionDesk. Author of “How to Work with Engineers”. Ex-Biologist. Biker. Empower Women in Tech 🇨🇦
Go to the profile of Deepak Shukla
Deepak Shukla
I Do SEO/B2B Lead Gen/Cold Calling. Head To https://deepakshukla.com/ for more
Go to the profile of TemplateToaster
Your new favorite Drag-and-Drop Website Builder. We write about Marketing, SEO, Blog & Website Building. Visit us: https://templatetoaster.com/
Go to the profile of Andreja Dulović
Andreja Dulović
I connect technology visions with business models and help the teams grow and change. https://www.andrejadulovic.com
Go to the profile of David Asch
David Asch
Product Development Executive and Founder of https://10xPrinciples.com. Writer of technical stuff, health & fitness, and humor.
Go to the profile of Divyansh Raghuvanshi
Divyansh Raghuvanshi
'The Manager' with interests in international affairs, fitness, humour, history, data science, and traveling. Currently experimenting with writing.
Go to the profile of Mia Z. Edwards
Mia Z. Edwards
Memoir based on short stories, world travels, my youth neighbor(hood), & work stories in DC, & dabble in fiction. Top writer in creativity & short stories.
Go to the profile of Jason Gatchalian
Jason Gatchalian
Freelance HR Copywriter (BSc/MSc) | HR Tech (AI/ SaaS) | Global HR | SEO & Thought Leadership for B2B | UK-based.
Go to the profile of Apoorv Bhargava
Apoorv Bhargava
I like to walk through the narrow streets
Go to the profile of Jessica Donahue, PHR
Jessica Donahue, PHR
I help startups and small businesses hire, develop, engage, and retain the best talent at AdjunctLeadership.com → Join my mini leadership course: bit.ly/307AheB
Go to the profile of Steven Gruyters
Steven Gruyters
Leadership coaching for leaders on a mission | People Powered Organizations | Learn more at ZZEEpartners.com
Go to the profile of Tanguy Leborgne
Tanguy Leborgne
I’m a senior executive with deep general management expertise. I’m passionate about business, product, and marketing optimization. tanguy@theproductsherpa.com
Go to the profile of Bonnie McEwan
Bonnie McEwan
“Everyday life is the primary terrain of social change.” — Silvia Federici
Go to the profile of Jan Korevaar
Jan Korevaar
Sharing what I’ve learned about people @ work.
Go to the profile of Luca Condosta (PhD)
Luca Condosta (PhD)
Finance professional with global experience in multinational businesses. Passionate for data, leadership, strategy and people.
Go to the profile of Kevin G. Armstrong
Kevin G. Armstrong
Author of “The Miracle Manager”. Speaker. http://Forbes.com contributor. EOS implementer. Helping people get more out of their business.
Go to the profile of Niagara Institute
Niagara Institute
Since 1971, The Niagara Institute is dedicated to providing highly relevant training programs and professional coaching for the everyday leader.
Go to the profile of Marco Mazzeschi
Marco Mazzeschi
Marco Mazzeschi, is an attorney at law admitted in Milan and Taipei, Adjunct Professor at the Chinese Culture University — www.mazzeschi.it
Go to the profile of Doug Foo
Doug Foo
Tech Manager by Day, ML Hacker by Night — founder: foostack.ai
Go to the profile of Harry Seitz
Harry Seitz
Writer and Returned Peace Corps Volunteer.
Go to the profile of AK Hlaing
AK Hlaing
Entrepreneur, Technologist. Love reading, traveling. working on strategy, driving the digital transformation forward, business process & startup
Go to the profile of Wojciech Dudziak
Wojciech Dudziak
Manager, new ventures builder, author. Writing about leadership and personal development.
Go to the profile of Evan Wee
Evan Wee
Director, Father of 2 terribly cute minions and a closet Writer. Former Developer, DevOps, ScrumMaster, Release/Program Management & Dev Manager.
Go to the profile of Alan Warren
Alan Warren
( years as CEO of Brisbane Transport, a bus operation in Queensland Australia with: 2,800 staff, 1200 buses, 8 depots, $400million budget
Go to the profile of Pankaj Jathar
Pankaj Jathar
White-collar worker by day and writer by night. Writing about Finance and anything else that I like. Blogging at www.stackingbeans.com and www.bulletmerijaan.in
Go to the profile of Jodie Adam
Go to the profile of Nitya Pandit
Nitya Pandit
A digital marketer with an unhealthy obsession with self-help books
Go to the profile of Nishita Bhasin
Nishita Bhasin
A change manager, in the never ending pursuit of adopting a better lifestyle and sharing perspectives!
Go to the profile of Humans of Consulting
Humans of Consulting
Articles are about the lived experiences of people working in client facing roles in management consulting firms.
Go to the profile of Destiny S. Harris
Destiny S. Harris
Prolific Author of 400+ books — Inspiring others through self-education — Get FREE books from me daily📍 @ amazon.com/author/destinyharris
Go to the profile of Barb Dalton
Barb Dalton
Mother. Nurse. Teacher. Crafter. Photographer. And now, writer…
Go to the profile of Malky McEwan
Malky McEwan
Curious about humans. Writer of awesome books and articles to make you think. All served with a dollop of humour.
Go to the profile of Mayuri Wijayasundara
Mayuri Wijayasundara
Expertise in strategy and transformaion, Believe in infinite growth in a finite world, Ex-business professional, now academic and consultant
Go to the profile of Mark 'Addy' Atkinson
Mark 'Addy' Atkinson
Career accountant turned VC imposter. I write for young professionals at https://trench.life and use Medium to talk about what I’m currently learning.
Go to the profile of Elad Cohen
Elad Cohen
VP Data Science @ Riskified
Go to the profile of The woman
The woman
Programming | AI | Data Science | Blockchain
Go to the profile of Entreprogrammer
Tech entrepreneur | Change maker | Enthusiastic about AI and Blockchain
Go to the profile of Karl Sprague
Karl Sprague
Executive Coach, Teacher, Trainer, Speaker and Storyteller
Go to the profile of Hrishi V
Hrishi V
Eclectic pursuits across psychology and spiritual healing. Finding deeper meaning and contentment. http://balancedperspectives.in/
Go to the profile of Rafi T
Rafi T
Engineering executive by day, programmer and entrepreneur by night. Maker of www.StretchUp.ai
Go to the profile of Elle Maed
Elle Maed
Writer. Aspiring author. Student of the universe.
Go to the profile of Kevin Brown
Kevin Brown
I am a Senior Software Engineer specialized in systems design/architecture and data engineering. https://www.linkedin.com/in/kevinpbrown/
Go to the profile of Mamatha Naveen
Mamatha Naveen
A writer, poet, doctor, mother of two lovely girls, bharathanatyam dancer , a keen bird watcher, a researcher and still a student for life.
Go to the profile of Leon Purton
Leon Purton
Inspired by life. Leadership, Growth, Personal Development. Engineer and Sports Enthusiast. Top Writer in Leadership leonpurton.com
Go to the profile of Jimmie Butler
Jimmie Butler
I write about strategy, business, leadership, product development, and Agile. Challenge what you know. Get weekly insights in your inbox — jimmiebutler.com
Go to the profile of Aliyar
My life’s mission is to help you achieve success at work by doing fewer things better. https://aliyarhussain.com
Go to the profile of Courtney Kirschbaum
Courtney Kirschbaum
I help you attract better career opportunities and get the maximum benefit from all your experience || Visit CourtneyKirschbaum.com to see how.
Go to the profile of Greg Thomas
Greg Thomas
Software Architect, Developer, Author and Leader helping organizations build scalable software delivery teams and implement cloud-based solutions
Go to the profile of Simon Ash
Simon Ash
Top Writer in Leadership. Lover of adventure. Fascinated by questions and decision making. https://therightquestions.co
Go to the profile of Arthur Bodrov
Arthur Bodrov
Writing for team leaders who want to make themselves and their teams the best.
Go to the profile of P r a v e s h
P r a v e s h
Interested in learning & sharing about People, Process, Technology ….…and Life. To support me join Medium : https://praveshbhargav.medium.com/membership
Go to the profile of Kit Campoy
Kit Campoy
I get to the point. Retail Leader | Writer | Dog enthusiast | linktr.ee/kitcampoy
Go to the profile of Gerald Finch
Gerald Finch
Professor of Management and Psychology and Co-director of The Respect Project — Latin America
Go to the profile of Lauren Bourke
Lauren Bourke
Full-time wife, mother + fundraiser. Aspiring novelist, feminist + entrepreneur. Striving to live life on my own terms. lauren@laurenbourke.net
Go to the profile of Randeep Sudan
Randeep Sudan
Founder of Multiverz, a tech company in Singapore. Interested in strategic futures and digital strategy. Former policymaker and World Bank Practice Manager.
Go to the profile of 12C
Go to the profile of Matt Lewin
Matt Lewin
Management consultant and technology strategist. I write about working life and personal growth. Director at Esri Canada
Go to the profile of Dan Vogel
Dan Vogel
Professional Sommelier, Business Developer, and Leadership Coach I believe in the power of story-based learning.
Go to the profile of Yasmeen Naseer
Yasmeen Naseer
Former severe acne sufferer. Founder, Chief Executive AccuFix Cosmetics. Read my story here: accufixcosmetics.com/about
Go to the profile of Scott Ward
Scott Ward
Founder of HabitStack.com. I help ambitious teams find clarity, stay accountable, and achieve their Big Wins.
Go to the profile of Avni Mehrotra
Avni Mehrotra
Amazon | Former Times of India Journalist| Georgetown MBA | I am passionate about mental health, burnout, leadership coaching, and organizational analytics
Go to the profile of Caitlin Cartwright
Caitlin Cartwright
Mom. Wife. Recruiter. Aspiring writer. Learning to make sense of the frequent “I didn’t expect that” parts of my life.