The most common mistake in job interviews

This happens way too often.

Q: “Tell me about this recent project on your resume. What was your role, and what did you contribute?”

A: “Well, we built a tool to…”


Any interview response that includes “we” is utterly useless. We’re not interviewing your whole team. We’re interviewing you. Tell us what you did.

Be egotistical! Be self-obsessed! (But don’t lie.)

If you’re only able to talk about what we did, it unfortunately sounds like you didn’t do anything. For example:

BAD: “Our team refactored the order processing system to improve performance.”

GOOD: “I reimplemented an existing Python library for order processing in C++ and added multi-threading to improve performance.”

Great! You’ve just given me a half dozen things to ask about and dive into. The more detail, the better. Don’t be too modest — this is your time to show off. You’ve convinced us you want the job, now convince us you can do it.