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Letter sent on Mar 12

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>Top Three

As a general rule, I think we like to overcomplicate things and create this illusion that to become an expert at any one thing requires mastery of a lot of things. I think a perfect example is around the concept of effective leadership. There have been thousands and thousands of books written on the topic, and it can be overwhelming to say the least……>>Read More

>Equal opportunities for women? Major differences in how women and men see this issue

A global study across 23 countries shows there are wide disparities between countries and almost always men are more positive about gender inequality than women. In addition, most men and women do not think that their governments are doing enough to promote equal opportunities for women….>>Read More

>Understanding your team’s sources of stress

There are many sources of stress in the workplace. Perhaps surprisingly, not all sources of stress are bad. As a leader, it’s your job to understand your team’s sources of stress. Failing to take the time to do so could result in low morale, burnout and poor employee retention…..>>Read More

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