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Letter sent on Aug 6, 2016

Start Investing Courses

We have been many things over the past year, but have recently been going through some changes (that’s why we haven’t posted any stories in a month).

Manager Mint LLC has decided to step back and manage companies rather than focus on media. Besides there is more media out in the world that anyone can even read.

But there is a problem,…

2,500 of you have decided to follow us here and we thank you greatly! We ask that you continue to follow our new ventures.

First being Start Investing Courses. In Start Investing Courses, we focus on teaching anyone how to get started investing.

We are at many stages in life, and sometimes get so caught up in living it, that most people that are 18–30 years of age as of this year 2016, still have not invested in their futures. No one wants to hit retirement age and have nothing saved for it.

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In an article written by USA Today they state “Millennials have more than enough financial worries. Now they can add about 2 million more to their list. That’s how much many might need to save to retire. Older Millennials — those born in the early 1980s — will need about $1.8 million salted away to maintain their standard of living in retirement while younger Millennials — those born in the late 1990s — will need upwards of $2.5 million, according to various studies, estimates and experts. “

This is why we offer:

We have a Free Course as well as a Beginner Course, an Advanced Course and an Expert Course.

Sign up today! Don’t wait. A dollar today is worth more than a dollar tomorrow, if you invest it.

  • Investing has its risks and you can lose money, we are providing strategies and market education. Learn the risks so you can make the best possible investments.

Click on a link below to get started!

Free Course

Beginner Course

Advanced Course

Expert Course

Or you could go with this sweet bundle course

Anyways, we hope you sign up for at least the free class, you will definitely enjoy it!

We are looking to offer as many courses as possible, look for a new course every month!

Please give us a like and recommend this message and thank you for following us and hope the 2,500 of you and those that read this letter sign up for the free course!

Sign me up for the free course!