Damn Mark what are you up to :)

No no there is nothing wrong with Mark Zuckerberg. This article is all about praising our very own Mark Zuckerberg for the stuff he has been doing.

I don’t know what Mark Zuckerberg is thinking, but I am pretty certain he is thinking too big. He already owns Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp, which is like the holy trinity of the internet. Now however, after a pure social networking platform, a photo-posting app and a dedicated chatting app, he is treading in the region of jobs.

From last Wednesday, facebook has given its users a new feature – apply for jobs directly! Yes you heard it right. In a move that seems like a tough challenge for LinkedIn, facebook has now allowed recruiters to post and hire directly through its platform. Companies can use the reach of their facebook pages as a tool to attract recruiters and anyone who is looking for a job may be able to view the job listing on the facebook page of the company itself.

All a candidate needs to do is fill out a form. Some of the fields in the form like Name, City, Email and Phone (if you have provided on facebook already) will be autofilled by the website. This will be followed by a 1000-character answer that you would have to write in order to explain why you think you are suitable for the position. The job template for every position is currently uniform, but knowing facebook, we’re certain that it would change rapidly in the days to come. One can clearly see that facebook is trying hard to empower enterprises with new tools and get beyond its image as a provider of consumer features. This tool will currently be available only in the US and Canada, but we can expect it to hit everywhere around the globe sooner.

The website completed this feature in June last year and has been running tests on it since August.

Although there is no partner with whom the website has collaborated for this work, it looks like the feature will trouble LinkedIn and Glassdoor to quite some extent. We are excited to see how it develops.

Oh yes, I almost forgot to address your most pressing concern. Of course a hiring manager wouldn’t be able to see your posts, so you don’t have to delete any pictures under that pressure. Yeah, now

So Mark keep Zuckerberging :P

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