Keith Grose | Head of UK for Plaid, Visa Acquisition of Plaid, Google Acquisition of HTC (Design) & Youtube

Mimi Nguyen
Mar 9 · 2 min read

In Episode 9 of Searching For Mana, we had the pleasure of welcoming Keith Grose to the podcast, Head of UK for Plaid.

After expanding into the UK and Europe last year, Plaid has excelled, recently being named “Best Enabler” in the 11:FS 2020 Pulse Awards. With their acquisition by Visa underway, this is set to be a massive year for the fintech giant.

Keith is from a small town in North Carolina, but now very much an adopted east Londoner. He has a passion for books and creative writing and when he’s not performing the all-encompassing role of Head of UK for Plaid, you might find him playing football (or soccer).

We talk about his early career before he found his way to Google, where he experienced the incredible innovation and energy in Silicon Valley, as well as the hard work and opportunity involved in Keith’s move to London with Plaid.

Originally published at Mana Search.


Technology enabled network of skilled people who trust each…

Mimi Nguyen

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PhD candidate at Imperial College London keen in Design Engineering, Tech & Finance


Technology enabled network of skilled people who trust each other and share opportunity

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