Manatí Year in Review: 2016

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Oh… 2016.

The year the iPhone lost the headphone jack and blocked 3rd parties en masse. Zika terrorized everyone and we lost a lot of greats, from Muhammad Ali and Prince to Carrie Fisher and Bowie. In some ways it felt like taking a long optimistic walk and finding a Magikarp at the end. Then there was Brexit and then Trump, but at least we cheered up for DiCaprio. Costa Rica had its first hurricane hit land in 174 years and the solidarity in response from our people was overwhelming. It was a year of transformation.

In a lot of ways, our work at Manatí felt in the spirit of the times. Since last year we had been talking about preparing ourselves for change: when it hits it’s imminent. You cannot fear it, you need to embrace it.

We formed a leadership team in which design, tech and administration see each other in the face, defines and solves things, together. It’s a sort of scrum of scrums, that helps move the whole organization forward. We set up a much needed knowledge base, defined a UX toolbox and took sales more seriously. We updated our website and agreed to distribute ourselves more.

To some people these things might seem common and obvious.
For us it wasn’t.

In 2015 we looked and listened at how other people do things. What we liked and what we did not, what made sense and why. We grabbed what we felt we needed and applied some of it. In 2016, we executed. In the last three months of the past year we made sense of numbers more than we had in the past years. To (originally) non business people like us, it was eye opening and we learned a lot. We did not do everything by ourselves, we found wonderful people inside and outside of Costa Rica willing to share and help, and for that we will always be grateful.

It turns out that 2016 was a great year for us. Sometimes you don’t realize things because you’re so reactionary on what you do, that you cannot see everything your organization is doing. It is good to stop, rethink and review. When we did that, we saw the results of all the effort we put in place.

Our wonderful team is full of bright, intelligent people that helped make 2016 a great year. We wanted to share that with you. So, for the second year in a row we present our Year in Review: a summary of most of what we did. If you’re curious, here is our Year in Review for 2015.

Thank you #manateam!

Here are some highlights:

We went to 10 international conferences in 8 different cities around the world. We also wrote why we feel this is important for our company, if you care to take a look.

We implemented a world class workflow, which involves automation. I know some of you are worried this turns into Skynet, but automation is good. It takes boring tasks away from humans and empowers them to bring value into what’s relevant. This is very important for us, so we will be blogging more about it this year. If you want to try some of it, here’s our site generator with automation tools built in.

We sponsored projects in areas that are relevant to us. We visualized the Social Progress Index applied to the cantons of Costa Rica, supported 2 social innovation contests, designed the logo for the first Central American satellite; and again, sponsored and co organized the largest web event in Costa Rica.

We worked with great clients that help great causes: migrations, social progress and equity. 3 subjects with great relevancy in 2016, which were in the mouths of everyone.

And of course, we strengthened our culture and made our #manateam stronger.

In the words of Lucy our Creative Director: Take that 2016!

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