Humpback v1.0.0: One year of passionate development.

Illustration by Lucy Sánchez

Lea este artículo en español: Humpback v1.0.0: Un año de desarrollo entusiasta.

Exactly one year ago Kevin Porras made the first commit to our open source Drupal 8 web sites generator: The Humpback generator.

Humpback generator first commit

In the following days Dharizza Espinach Barahona joins to the project, bringing her ideas and code that now days are a big part of the base of this project.

In the first iterations of the project only were included the scaffolding functionality for new projects and a basic Docker based environment with some basic tools. Even with this basic tools we started to notice a change in our development process, making it more straight forward and optimum because the tool allows us to stay focused in the development process and not configuring each of the tools for our local environment. This implies the reduction of time in the project setup, making our developers more happy.

Humpback v1.0.0

  • Lighthouse: a websites audit tool.
  • Blackfire: a profiling tool.
  • BackstopJS: a visual regression testing tool.
  • A new Circle CI job to create pantheon multidev environments.

Also, we have solved some problems related to the xdebug tool.

New humpback documentation page

We want more people to get involved with the project, that's why we have made all this effort to bring you this new release, including the new features, some fixes and a new documentation for the project.

Feel free to take a look and also contribute to Humpback. If you have any issues, please report it in the respective Github repository:

We’re excited to see you using and contributing to Humpback, happy hacking!

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