Professionally boosting your team: This is how we do it in Manatí

On the left: Matt Cheney in the crowd at Kevin Porras’s talk about “Github + TravisCI + Pantheon”. On the right, our 2015 event “Collaboration and new organizational perspectives”, put together with the organization Abriendo Datos.

At Manatí, more than being a company, we’re a team. By being immersed in the services industry, the company doesn't create value by just being a company, the value is created by its people: the team is the value of Manatí. It’s the people that makes it, the same people that works to make digital products useful. That’s why we’re committed to continuously boosting our team level.

The web itself changes rapidly. We passionately assume that challenge by reading and learning on a daily basis, looking for new ways to improve. That’s how The Manadev Hour was born, a weekly hour where the team shares knowledge with each other, in order to help the team to level up.

At the start of 2016 we decided to become an agile company. This workshop was the beginning of a great organizational change.

Increasing our networks

Increasing our knowledge implicitly involves increasing the range of people we interact with. For that, aside from sharing at the internal level, we co-organize events that allows us to find people with our same problems and different solutions. Drupal Camp Costa Rica, Drupal Training Days, and World Information Architecture Day are some examples of these spaces where we share with people as passionate as us in solving problems. With these initiatives, we contribute to communities that have allowed us to grow, giving back with our own discoveries.

Trips abroad

Under this very premise, since 2014 we decided to promote talks from our team outside of Costa Rica. We highly encourage the #Manateam to visit events that are of interest, to know the latest in the ecosystem and at the same time, share what we have done and how. Since then, this has moved from being a semi official initiative to being formally defined and budgeted as it should. This budget is aimed at the personal growth of each member, not only for events, but also for courses and certifications that will benefit their career path.

Thanks to this, the #Manateam has given more than 20 talks in 6 countries, in subjects like web development, strategy, organizational culture, gender equality and more. We have participated in events in more than 9 cities in the Americas and this year we hope to beat our last year record.

This particular photo make me proud: @lusanvar and @dharizza directing a discussion panel on Women in Tech, in Drupal Camp Chile 2015.

In the near future, our Director of Technology, Kevin Porras, will be traveling to NYCCamp in New York. He will be talking about continuous integration tools and how this has an impact on the level and the efficiency of a team. Besides, what better city to visit the first time you go to the US?


If we want an excellent team we need to be consistent. If we want experts, we need to nourish the best environment for them to improve as professionals.

And at the moment the team gains that, have them share it.

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