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He’s Spanish Dave, he makes great saves

Even as speculation is rife that David De Gea will become a Galactico at Real Madrid, the Manchester United fans are divided in their opinion. Is he right in maintaining silence or should he come out and speak up for himself? I feel he should have signed a contract so that United would get the full worth even if left for Madrid. He owes that much to the club and more than that to the fans, fans who have stood by his side through thick and thin. He came as a lanky prospect from Atletico and has become a monster at Old Trafford over the past two seasons and the fans gave him his own song at the title parade of 2012–13 when the transformation was complete:

“He’s big he’s brave
He’s Spanish Dave.
He makes great saves,
He never shaves.
He’s flying through the air,
Come and have a shot if you dare.”

The crowd have been vociferous whenever he has made a save. I still can’t forget the crowd reaction to his extraordinary performance vs Everton in October 2014 when he kept out Leighton Baines’ penalty, the first spot-kick missed by the Toffees full-back in his 15th attempt in the Barclays Premier League. De Gea himself was taken aback by the amazing support he received from the Old Trafford faithful. And the OT crowd sang again at the last home game vs Arsenal in May 2015, “David De Gea, we want you to stay”.

The fans love Dave and won’t abuse him even if he left because that’s not the United way. But the Bernabeu crowd won’t be forgiving even for a mistake which is not directly his. They have booed Casillas and Ronaldo; he would be just another Galactico who would either become a legend to be booed someday or get transferred like Beckham. To be honest I’d rather like him to return to Atletico than join Real because it would hurt if he got the Casillas treatment and the Spanish Dave obviously deserves better as he’s big, he’s brave…


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