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Mandala Community Update — 11/12/2020

Greetings from the Mandala Team,

Here’s the latest update from the Mandala team as we progress towards our launch on Binance Cloud.

CertiK Audit Completed

The newest and final token contract for MDX (v3) has passed a security audit by CertiK. This means that the minting of the v3 MDX token supply is underway.

In the coming days, we will provide users with information on how to swap their v1 or v2 MDX tokens for the v3 MDX token at a 1:1 ratio.

New MDX Token Utilities Page

We have created a new section of the landing page outlining the current and future MDX token utility that holders of MDX can expect to take advantage of when using the Mandala Exchange platform!

Check it out here:

Pre-Launch Efforts

The final stage of the pre-launch development process is underway. This stage includes tweaking and testing some of the custom MDX token utility systems for both functionality and user experience.

We are using this time to ramp up our marketing efforts to build extensive brand awareness throughout the crypto-space and grow the Mandala community.

Currently, the Mandala platform is set to host 264 assets creating 946 pairs available for trade immediately upon launch with high levels of liquidity on every order book.

A huge thank you to our community- we’ll provide more updates and finalize a launch schedule as soon as possible.

Yours Truly,

The Mandala Team



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