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Mandala Exchange Roadmap Updates

Roadmap Updates

Take a moment and check out our latest Roadmap Update. We plan to dynamically update this as we progress, rather than sticking to a static timeline. We hope this provides you all with some insight into what we have going on behind the scenes. Please stay tuned for more. We will be hosting a community AMA with our CEO and CTO to field any and all questions regarding this update (Date & Time TBD).

iOS App Updates

As some of you may have seen our latest version of our iOS app is now live and available here on the app store!

Overall the app update is working well mind a few bugs some of our members have pointed out. If you notice any other outstanding bugs besides these, please reach out on Discord and we will add them to our list for updating:

  • Error: invalid zip code when using Canadian postal code on iOS
  • MDXT/USD line chart doesn’t show on home screen as the left pinned market box.
  • Repeat Gainers/Losers
  • Order book display decimal error
  • Inverse order history
  • 2FA code does not copy & paste

Android App Updates:

Our Android app updates have been submitted to the Google Play Store and are pending approval. Once approved, we can release the update immediately.

Scalability Overhaul

I am sure some of you noticed our exchange underwent a few periods of maintenance over the last few weeks, these periods of downtime were utilized to upgrade our exchange infrastructure and addressed some major scalability issues. These backend upgrades helped harden our exchange in preparation for the continued roll out of additional features.

$750 Million Volume Milestone

We are proud to announce that in just six months, our exchange has seen over $750 million in volume on Mandala! This is a fantastic milestone for the Mandala community. We are excited as we continue to grow and build upon a stable and secure foundation

Marketing Partnership Announcement (Coming Soon)

We are excited to announce that we have secured a partnership with a prominent marketing agency. An official announcement will follow in the coming days. This partnership will help Mandala Exchange revamp its social activation strategy as well as target a demographic in the crypto space that until now, has been vastly underserved.

API Updates (Priority)

The coveted API we are all eagerly awaiting. We have made strong progress on our API development. As it stands, the API is around 75% complete and we will continue to update you all as we progress and near completion.

Of course the API is paramount in progressing as an exchange and will allow us to be listed on screeners such as CMC & CoinGecko as an exchange with volume independent from that of Binance. Additionally, this will allow us to proceed with our integration of Hummingbot and our Futures rollout.

Mandala MoonShot NFT Collection

We are in the process of creating an animated trading card collection from our “Mandala Moonshot” Collection. The Moonshot cards you have been seeing lately will be turned into 3D animated trading cards. Each token we feature will have a set amount of NFT cards made for it. We will use these NFTs for promotions and giveaways for our community and the communities of our featured tokens. We will use this collection in tandem with our Biz Dev team for co-marketing opportunities.

Token Listings

Once our API is completed, we have a rapidly growing list of projects that are interested in listing on Mandala Exchange. As we inch closer to the proverbial API finish line, we will have more news on which projects we aim to list. As it stands, we have about 20 projects that are in the pipeline, all ready to list and execute co-marketing efforts come launch.

Mandala University

Preliminary talks have taken place for the buildout of our educational platform, Mandala University and our Mandala Connect social platform. We aim to provide an education first approach to the crypto industry through both of these outlets. As we continue our preliminary conversations with our dev team we will be reaching out to the community for feedback, ideas and platform testing!


To keep up to date, please monitor community channels, particularly Discord and Twitter:



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