We’ve been testing, deploying, refining — building the next generation.

Last Chance to Sign Up For Early Access!

We started this journey in early 2018 and as we move through the 4th quarter, I couldn’t be more excited for what comes next. Before inviting our community to try the Mandala Platform, the MDX team has been ensuring functionality and refining the front end integrations. We couldn’t have accomplished this without the dedication and enthusiasm of the MDX community.

This has truly been an experience that the team can barely put into words as the Mandala Platform comes to life. Moving through our Alpha testing and into Beta may have taken longer than expected, but it was time well spent. This is the last chance to signup for early access to the Mandala Platform and work with us in building the future of the cryptocurrency industry.

Sign up by midnight UTC on October 19th for early access to the Mandala Platform!

Yours Truly,

The MDX Team

In case you missed it, Bitgo now offers support for MDX!