We’ve run a marathon and made it to the starting line

Alpha Testing of the Mandala Platform

It has been a one of a kind journey for the Mandala team since the vision was conceived in 2017 through to where we are today — just steps away from deployment of the Mandala Platform and Exchange. Our philosophy has and continues to be about driving mass adoption and removing the “house edge” as we break down barriers and eliminate learning curves that have so far inhibited accessibility to the cryptocurrency space.

With the development of the platform well underway we have begun private alpha testing of the very foundation upon which we will build the Mandala vision — connecting the universe through blockchain.

It is not without the support and shared vision of our community members that we would accomplish our mission of delivering the next generation in cryptocurrency and blockchain based asset exchange. As is one of our goals, keeping the community informed and providing insights into the blockchain space and development processes, the following video is provided as a demonstration of the first iteration of engine deployment.

The alpha phase is an extremely important piece of the road to launch. This part of the process allows us to ensure the core functionalities of the platform are operating as expected and to test our back end components and infrastructure. We’re busy benchmarking the trading engine, monitoring server loads and assessing the needs of our users from an interface and experience perspective. We’re making many updates to the UI/UX portions of the exchange as well in the background as we work to harden the foundation of the platform. The interface displayed is an alpha and mainly serves to aid us in testing the back end functionality prior to updating it.

As we work towards the completion of Alpha testing the platform engine, backend components and server infrastructure, the official announcement of Mandala Platform launch and beta period is just around the corner!

Stay tuned as we work towards new horizons in the cryptocurrency space and trailblaze the industry.

Yours Truly,

Zach Daniels, CTO