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Manga Token
Revolutionising the manga industry with blockchain

The manga and anime population is neither small nor big: it’s MASSIVE!

This is a serious game changer to the manga NFT world. Everybody likes reading manga. From children, teenagers to adults, the audience for the manga industry is very broad. Manga’s are sold not only in specialty stores, but also in independent bookstores and bookstores in shopping malls and mass retailers…

Great Minds Behind Great Project

Manga Token has been rapidly growing and continuously improving, building the world’s largest Manga NFT market for fans, It is just starting and has already been making noise both in the manga industry as well as in the crypto space.

Being taken cared of…

Houston all systems go! We have LIFTOFF! We have LIFTOFF! 1,000 NFTs giveaway to celebrate the launch of our Manga NFT marketplace, TROPHEE.XYZ.

We are happy to announce that is launched and we have 26 stunning NFTs available for you to collect!

And to celebrate this joyous event, we…

July 28, 2021 18:00 Singapore Time. We have just been informed that a group of scammers have been trying to push a fake token using the site

Asking users to send ETH or USDT/USDC/TUSD to the following address:


DO NOT send your hard earned cryptocurrencies to this address.

If you are also invited to their telegram scam group below: (the last letter has been replaced with a capital “i”)

Please help us to report them. Thank you!


Elvin Li, CEO of Manga Token (a project of

We are proud to announce that George Samman has joined Manga Token’s Board of Advisors.

“George brings extensive management and strategising expertise in the crypto industry to the Project,” said Elvin Li, CEO of Trophee. “The breadth and depth of his experiences in growing crypto projects will add valuable perspectives…

Our NFT Lottery Event is officially launched! Here is a preview of the prizes that you can potentially win.

Dear Manga Token Community,

Our NFT Lottery is official launched and we are thrilled to share with you the prizes that we will be awarding in this event.

Manga NFT Prize Sneak Peak

Each prize in…

Participate in our NFT Lottery event and stand a chance to win one of our five Genesis Manga NFTs of Unique rarity.

Dear Manga Token Family,

We are excited to announce that our NFT Lottery event will be LIVE at 12:00am, June 17th (Singapore time, GMT+8).

As the Ethereum price continues to rise, transactional costs soar through sky, making it not viable to make transactions on the blockchain; as such we see a shift in projects moving off to other blockchains. …

Most NFTs often have little resale value, simply because the audience at large do not know how to valuate the NFT. At …

Manga Token

Revolutionising the manga industry with blockchain

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