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Manga Token NFT marketplace on Binance Smart Chain & Ethereum

As the Ethereum price continues to rise, transactional costs soar through sky, making it not viable to make transactions on the blockchain; as such we see a shift in projects moving off to other blockchains. However moving to other chains induces technology risks, due to lack of experience in the new blockchain technology project teams often introduce more security and development risks into the project. architecture Cross-Chain Bridge

In order to continue to tap upon the large user base of Ethereum and to leverage upon the perks of the Binance Smart Chain, we propose to operate on both chains.

Essentially what this means is that both Manga Tokens and Manga NFTs will be transferrable between both chains.

Scenario 1: You can swap ERC-20 Manga Tokens for BEP-20 Manga Tokens any time.

Scenario 2: You can swap ERC-721/ ERC-1155 Manga NFTs for BEP-721/ BEP-1155 Manga NFTs any time.

This is all made possible by the Cross-Chain Bridge, an innovative, safe, and decentralized cross-chain solution based on secure multi-party computation (SMPC) + threshold signature solution (TSS). It is composed of a node network based on distributed control rights management (DCRM) and a Cross-Chain Bridge smart contract.

In layman’s terms, there will be a smart contract to hold assets in custody and a map to determine which assets are paired across chains. Take for example the scenario of swapping of the BEP-20 Manga Token for ERC-20 Manga Token. Steps as follow:

  1. BEP-20 Manga Token to be transferred to the custodial smart contract
  2. New ERC-20 Manga Token to be minted into the custodial smart contract
  3. A new entry will be made on the map
  4. ERC-20 Manga Token of the right amount will then we transferred into the user’s Ethereum wallet

The same mechanism works for NFTs as well.

What to expect?

  • High safety level
  • High compatibility
  • Easy user operation Cross-Chain Bridge can dynamically support any of the platform generated NTFs and Manga Token across both the Ethereum and BSC.

Coming up next…

Public sale and marketing activities for the month of June 2021.




Manga Token is a reward, payment and staking token for the manga industry to facilitate supporting mangaka (漫画家, the Japanese word for a comic artist or cartoonist). We are introducing a form of digital merchandise called Manga NFTs into the industry.

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