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insights for daily reflection and practice….

Wanting and not wanting, desire, like and dislike are all encompassed within the ‘greed’ element of — greed, aversion and delusion — defilements which we are trying to free ourselves from through Dhamma practice in order to overcome suffering and attain liberation.

When we think about our daily life, a lot of time it’s filled with wanting some things and not wanting others. We probably don’t even notice because it’s become habitual but, it can feel very liberating to step out of this game for a short while and just be.

Suggestions for Reflection and Practice:

Start by sitting comfortably on a cushion or chair, hands together in prayer position at heart centre, eyes closed. Take a few deep breaths to centre. Then open the heart and still the mind in order to work with both to answer your questions with love and wisdom:

  • chant x3 (minimum** >108) — Om Mani Padme Hum
  • prostrate x3 (minimum) — move to knees, sit back on heels, hands together in prayer position at heart centre, lower forehead to touch the floor moving hands below shoulders ie. bow to the Buddha, raise up to start position pulling shoulders slightly back to open the heart
  • meditate 5 minutes (minimum) — return to sitting, watch the breath entering/ leaving at the nostrils to calm the mind
  • reflect: Ask yourself, ‘What do I want or desire right now?’ (even things like food and feeling the need to use the toilet are ‘wanting’, and distraction especially during meditation!) ‘Is there something which I want to do or achieve in the future?’ — see what comes to mind, focus on it and gently ask yourself, ‘How does it feel if I remove the ‘wanting’ by telling myself I don’t really want it after all?’ Waiting for the response — we want this to come from the heart not the head — continue to reflect on what you feel and any insights which come to you. Maybe a space will open up in your heart where you previously felt constriction. This is letting go

[** work in multiples of 3 and do however much feels comfortable and what time allows. It’s okay to start with 3 and work up to 108].

May this teaching lead you to happiness; may it help you grow in truth. May we all be freed from the suffering of birth and death.

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