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Mango Mindfulness:

Grasping Is Not The Path.


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The Buddha’s teachings are for helping us to relinquish, give up, let go and to cultivate a good understanding of right and wrong, good and evil etc. When we reflect on our actions of body, mind and speech we get to really know our mind and can identify when we are grasping after good or bad.

We are attached to so many things in so many ways but unless we can learn to ‘let



Much as a simple mango reflects the dharma, each of us holds the answers we seek within our mind and body. ‘Mango Mindfulness’ is a resource to help bring those answers out and effect lasting positive change for mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing

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Kerry Jane Rider

Writer, Author — Editor of ‘Mango Mindfulness’ and ‘…BE who you really are ❧’ publications on Medium