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Mango Mindfulness:


All things are constantly changing, moment to moment… #WednesdayWisdom

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Emptiness can be a difficult concept to understand within Buddhism as is non-existence because we believe things to be ‘real’ since we can both see and touch them. What this actually means is that all things are devoid of intrinsic existence just the same as when we talk about there being no ‘self’ or ‘I’. This negates the need for ‘me and mine’ which in turn negates…



Much as a simple mango reflects the dharma, each of us holds the answers we seek within our mind and body. ‘Mango Mindfulness’ is a resource to help bring those answers out and effect lasting positive change for mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing

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Kerry Jane Rider

Writer, Author — Editor of ‘Mango Mindfulness’ and ‘…BE who you really are ❧’ publications on Medium