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Mango Mindfulness:

Living With Uncertainty.


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We like to believe that everything is certain. We cling to that belief then, when things don’t go as we planned or in line with our desires, we get all bent out of shape. We suffer. If we reflect upon who or what is causing the suffering, it is always us, we are doing it to ourselves. Despite what we might like to think, no-one is sitting around planning changes with the sole intention of destroying our…




Much as a simple mango reflects the dharma, each of us holds the answers we seek within our mind and body. ‘Mango Mindfulness’ is a resource to help bring those answers out and effect lasting positive change for mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing

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Kerry Jane Rider

Kerry Jane Rider

Writer, author, teacher: …BE who you really are ❧ and Mango Mindfulness — the essence of Buddhism

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