Mango Mindfulness:
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Mango Mindfulness:


when the mind is concentrated and one-pointed, mind and heart are at ease…#WednesdayWisdom

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  • The Buddha taught us to look within, don’t look outwards. Or if you look outwards then look within, to see the cause and effect therein. We look for the truth in all things, because external objects and internal objects are always affecting each other. We sit and contemplate.
  • We practice to develop a certain type of awareness until…



Much as a simple mango reflects the dharma, each of us holds the answers we seek within our mind and body. ‘Mango Mindfulness’ is a resource to help bring those answers out and effect lasting positive change for mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing

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Kerry Jane Rider

Writer, Author — Editor of ‘Mango Mindfulness’ and ‘…BE who you really are ❧’ publications on Medium