Disruptive ideas in our first Hackathon

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2 min readFeb 25, 2019

One of the objectives of any company should be to seek out new information, in order to allow growth in new scenarios and acquire different knowledge. Digital innovation is one of the fundaments in which Mango places an emphasis on opening up new paths and fulfilling new needs. Driven by a continuous desire to be part of the future of fashion consume, technology, retail and fashion is clearly one of them.

Mango’s Hackathon is the new initiative that promotes innovation and radical collaboration, uniting ideas and achievements. We took a step up in the traditional concept of hackathon, so, apart from developers, graphic designers and programmers, we also involved different profiles who make up our online team, to gain more perspectives. We believe that working with conversations generated by different professional profiles creates a nurturing environment to work in.

H-Day in Mango

The hackathon started weeks before the H-Day, with a team preparing a board where everyone could write any of the proposals to work on. The plan was to obtain a pool of ideas and let everyone join the project they would like to develop with the owner.

The first day of work involved different teams working on each project, designing and implementing the MVPs (Minimum Viable Product). Work spaces were arranged throughout Mango, from the photography studio to the canteen, creating the perfect environment for creativity and speed.

After one day of work, all the prototypes were shown to a jury created by Elena Carasso, Online & Customer Director, and Roger Graell, Head of Online Sales, who evaluated all the projects. Some of the ideas are perfectly suited to the short term, while others consist of long-term projects. They chose certain MVP proposals based on some important standards: adding value to the brand and the customer experience.

From now on, our teams will be working on these prototypes, kicking off projects to release new products as fast as we can. We are welcoming the new era of Technology at Mango.