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Mango Chatbot: Creating new interactions

Now more than ever, consumers need to feel that their voices are being heard in a digital sphere. Within this new context, conversations with customers have become one of the main services a brand has to take care of in order to add value to any regular shopping activity.

The Chatbot

At MANGO, we have created the chatbot service to enhance our capabilities of improving the way we communicate with our costumers. In the same way that WhatsApp works, the chatbot creates a conversation where the bot will search the product you are looking for, as the availability of an item online or in stores. This service is now available in mobile version to make it more user-friendly to customers: anytime, anywhere.

Searching with images

Do you like the dress worn by an actress? Have you seen your ideal shoes on an influencer’s Instagram page? Our personal Fashion Assistant has evolved to the next level, having the capability to search similar garments or accessories from a picture you upload.

But, how is this possible? Visually similar products can be actively searched by the user on the product listing or product detail page. Our algorithm assigns appropriate weights to different attributes to determine a final similarity score, displaying product results in order of the score. This, apart from fulfil the client needs, also add a great value in the shopping process, providing an opportunity for them to discover other relevant results based on visual similarity.

It’s that simple: you like something, you upload the image and you ask to our Fashion Assistant for something similar at MANGO.

For now, this service has been launched only in Spain, with the idea of developing this tool in all the countries we are in.



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