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We are open. And in our new Digital Hub agility, creativity and wellbeing become the new drivers.

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May 14, 2019 · 3 min read

Our new Mango offices create the perfect digital ecosystem for growth and innovation. They are located in the centre of Barcelona, in the 22@ technology district, the perfect spot to take in this workspace: a modern and digital environment which is considered one of the nerve centres of the city. Around 30 people have already moved there and will continue collaborating side-by-side with the headquarters’ teams at Palau-Solità i Plegamans.


Everything starts in Poblenou, the industrial neighbourhood of Barcelona. Currently, for e-commerce and omnichannel strategies there isn´t a better place to be. Co-working and synergies are a daily adventure, generating the perfect workflows for our enterprise. In a nutshell, working in this district follows the contemporary working styles.

The architecture of our Innovation Centre was thought as a collaborative space, perfect for personal interactions that will enhance proactivity and new paths.This technological territory creates contemporary and modern offices where principles like agility, creativity and wellbeing become the new drivers.


The philosophy of the space is the same as in Palau: open floors to create a big community and sense of belonging with us. Open spaces are part of the working space, creating natural areas to make quick meetings or to think “out of the box”.

The biggest area of these spaces is the AGORA, a flexible auditorium to share ideas or create meet-ups and events.

Another novelty is the Focus Cabins, where employees will have an area for concentration and individual work. This 700 square metre space, also, hosts a research lab where we can test prototypes with real customers and adapt our products and services to their needs.


We not only want to create a new workspace. Ultimately, we want to create a new scenario where big things can happen. All these new facilities aim to guarantee this idea, aligned with the growing of online rate and other business targets. Apart from this, the Hub is going to be the push for the actual hiring processes: we are actively seeking IT developers/engineers, experts in Digital Performance Marketing (SEO), Product Owners, UX, UI, QA, Agile coaches and Scrum Masters. As Elena Carasso, Director of Online and Customer, says:

“The company aspires to be a digital leader in the fashion market and a driver of change in the industry. To achieve this, it is necessary to incorporate talent in strategic areas. Mango is in the process of digital transformation and, through the implementation of technological innovation, we are improving the different processes”.

Do you want to be part of this digital fashion change?

Mango Tech

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