Introducing Gallabox, from MangoLeap

Karthik Jagannathan
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2 min readOct 26, 2020


© VSharmilee / WikiCommons

It’s 4 PM. On a dusty street is a shop that sells coffee that the small town relies on for brewing their hot cuppa twice a day. The coffee mill is whirring in the background and the strong aroma of coffee hangs in the air. A little boy, in his school uniform, is sitting on the cash register with pride in his eyes. The boy, immensely honored that he was given a chance to handle the ‘galla-petti’ after his school hours, sold his first 100 grams of coffee with pride.

Galla-petti in Tamil means the mighty ‘cash register.’ Back then, a galla-petti could be seen in all shops. It was revered, worshipped, and was treated as the most prized possession in the entire shop, and rightly so.

For the little boy in our story, the galla-petti represented a legacy. A legacy of his father who managed the entire household from the money that came from it. It represented the highs and lows of having your own business. It was also a stepping stone for him to understand the basics of entrepreneurship and running a business.

The galla-petti was more than a mere box, and Gallabox is more than just a software product.

A full galla-petti symbolised a healthy business. A healthy business manages its cash flows prudently and invests judiciously since the focus is on growth that comes responsibly.

We built Gallabox by focusing on how to minimize marketing wastage, improve efficiencies, and enable winning conversations with prospects and customers. We built a product that duct-tapes customer acquisition, customer conversations, and all the work that flows to fulfilling an order successfully. Our focus was to arm our client with a tool that works like a charm and is simple to use — because it must be like counting cash in a cash register. Easy and pleasurable!

Gallabox combines the traditional insights of running a successful business and marries that with new-age software.

Hopefully, you have a sense of why we built Gallabox. If you are an entrepreneur, a business manager, or someone interested in improving your sales and cutting down your selling costs, feel free to reach out to us. We will be happy to discuss it over a cup of coffee!