Why we built MangoLeap

Karthik Jagannathan
Jun 9, 2020 · 3 min read

SMBs need a ‘digital personal trainer’ to build muscle for their business using digital marketing

The Internet is now truly ubiquitous. Our social behaviour has changed dramatically in the last decade, and continues to change. Technology advancement is making every thought digitally executable thanks to cheaper yet powerful mobile phones and faster Internet supported by Cloud and Data. More consumers are spending more time on digital platforms than ever before and this is only going to increase.

Are SMBs able to keep pace? Some need a bit of handholding, while some need to be taken across the line. They want to be on the digital wagon and stay in, but need help navigating these waters.

The hard reality is that SMBs are missing the lucrative opportunity — to effectively target this huge base of consumers who are also educated, affluent and motivated.

The digital marketing process for small and medium businesses is unstructured and needs fixing.

We have been working with SMBs for the past 15 years and we have a deep understanding of their challenges in acquiring and managing their customers. And constraints in tech adoption.

SMBs have very few workable Marketing options to realise these goals. Mass media is prohibitively expensive and out of bounds. And any form of below-the-line advertising (such as distributing leaflets, customer contact programs, etc) is rarely effective.

Digital Marketing is the most appropriate medium for SMBs since it is measurable and accountable, has low entry and exit barriers, it is iterative, and builds a future funnel of prospects.

The two triangles, mountains

The SME segment forms the bottom of the pyramid of marketers, while their marketing budget is an inverted triangle of ticket values.

Now imagine two mountains. On one are the SMBs and on the other across a deep valley sit the titans of Digital: Google, Facebook, Amazon and Twitter. However, it is hard for these networks to reach the SMBs — and they rely on third-party agencies or self-help programs to improve adoption.

But, this is not how it was meant to be. The pioneers at Google and Facebook built these networks also for small businesses to use and succeed. Over the years, the sheer variety of possible advertising options has given birth to complexity. And alienated a large swathe of advertisers.

Usher in MangoLeap

So that’s where MangoLeap comes in. We want to demystify the jargon and debunk elitism — and bring back to reality the ideas of those early pioneers.

After countless interactions with small business owners and managers, we have a crystal clear view of what needs to be done to bridge this gap.

Like in the famous Apple ad of the yesteryears, We are making available to everyone what that was affordable only to a few.

What’s behind the name?

The Mango is quintessentially Indian, tracing its roots to even 2,000 BCE.

Miracles have reportedly happened under a mango tree. Considered a holy fruit, it represents knowledge, health, prosperity, and fertility.

Mango leaves are said to signify wealth. A symbol of festivities, mango leaves are strung and tied in the entrance to homes to keep out negative energy.

We want to bring the qualities of the mango to an organisation.

Do call us

Are you a small/medium business? We are by your side to see you succeed. We believe digital can be a great leveller and a source of competitive edge. We’d love to see your business leap forward to greatness!

Team MangoLeap


Future-proof your business with digital

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