Styling A Room With The Noguchi Table

The Noguchi Table, also called the TriBeCa table marks its presence in volumes; it is easily recognizable as one of the midcentury’s most renowned tables. So when placed in a room, it instantly becomes the focal point, as a glass coffee table and as an outlandish one, especially. But there are other spaces in the room that prove to be welcoming for the Noguchi table. The Noguchi Table is composed of glass and rosewood, but it need not stand with like materials.

Rooms With Splashes of Color:

If you are designing a room with artful flair, this layout is the ultimate template. With a couch and two arm chairs of different bright colors and neutral colors present in the room, this room appears as a painting itself, and not just the area with the large framed art. The Noguchi table is perfect for this room, as it provides a neutralizing effect; it does not add much more wild colors to the mix, it maintains a shiny luster due to the light from the window bouncing off of it. What’s unique about this space is that there is a dining area in the back, with another table present. The unusual form of the Noguchi table prevents any monotonous feel from have two small tables in close proximity.

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