Plot is a technology startup headquartered in Austin, Texas and over the last 2 years has quietly become the market leader in airport data and AI applications. Plot supports 67 US airports on our platform which is more than any other airport AI or sensor company.

So what does Plot do?
Plot collects ground truth data through a suite of 7 different sensor technologies, and through our AI platform we create tools for airlines, data for digital use, and tools for our airports.

How did we do it?
We threw out the traditional vendor-to-airport model and instead developed a partnership model that ensures our airports maintain the latest technology. The data we capture earns our airport partners revenue by being distributed to the global travel industry. Plot has pioneered the data commercialization model with airports, and our incredible growth is due to innovative minds seeing that the future travel experience is built on deeper knowledge of how airport facilities are utilized.

What’s next?
I know your schedules are packed tight, so over the next few months the Plot team will be sharing short and digestible chapters on what Plot is up to and how we are creating the airport operating system of the future. Here’s a look at just a few items on our list:

  • Why commercializing data is vital for airports
  • How commercializing data impacts day of travel for passengers
  • Why procuring technology is setting airports back
  • How Plot is creating a new day of travel experience
  • How airlines use Plot AI
  • How the TSA uses Plot AI
  • Why airports have to procure technology with a global mindset
  • Technology is evolving rapidly. How do you keep your airport current?

We look forward to sharing this journey with you and having plenty of time to reply to your comments and feedback.

Evan Biller is the Commercial Vice President at Plot. His responsibilities include growing Plot’s portfolio of airport partners on a global scale, while also developing commercial relationships with key players connected to the aviation industry. His goal is to get vital airport data into the hands of people who are passionate about transforming air travel.