A Midtern for the better

by Namuli Katumba

So, a midtern… It’s a thing right? Let’s just make it a thing. I mean, that’s what I’m calling it, and I’m pretty sure that it’s been going on way before it was a nugget of a notion in my mind. But once it’s got a label, it’s real, right?

‘What is midterning?’ I hear you ask

It’s realising that you’ve got to a point in your career where you know that you’re coasting. It’s thinking about the fact that you spend the majority of your life at work, and yet you spend the majority of that time unhappy or unfulfilled. It’s asking yourself, ‘Is it possible to actually get more out of the daily grind, or is that just something that only happens to other people?”.

I found myself asking all of these things a little over a year ago, and it became the catalyst for so many other questions that it became clear I need to do something drastic. I walked out of my (then) day job for the last time and towards the Manifest neon.


It felt quite dramatic at the time, and I think therein lies the problem. We quite often, as a society, feel like we’re locked in a particular path, that it will be too hard to change direction, or simply veer into another lane. I’d even go as far as saying that there can be a stigma to being the new not-so-young kid on the block. A feeling that you’re adding more work to the team because you’re going to have to be taught, trained and mollycoddled. That you’ll be a drain on the resources of the company, and not actually add any financial or business value for a long time. But I’m sorry, but that’s a load of crap.

What I feel us ‘Midterns’ bring is diversity, fresh blood and new ideas, but most importantly a wealth of life experience. We’ve been around the block, learnt a lot, seen a lot and can add a different dynamic and perspective to the company. So yeah, I may be older, but I like to see myself as ‘a new way of doing things’. And let’s think about it, don’t you want people in your corner that see change as a natural progression, and take their fear and use it to move forward, and basically, shake shit up a little!

Midterning. It’s definitely a thing.