Anti-Trump campaign scoops gold at SABRE North America Awards

by Moll Levine

Another day, another trophy. We recently scooped up a SABRE North America award for our work with BrewDog, the bad boys of the craft beer world.

The category was “best word of mouth campaign” and the execution was a controversial middle finger to the new President and most powerful man in the world…

The brief was to launch BrewDog’s new brewery in Ohio and cement the brand as a company of doers — focused on action over words. How best to bring this to life? To radically oppose Trump’s plans for a wall on the USA and Mexico border, of course. We announced BrewDog would be opening “The Bar on the Edge” — a new craft beer bar that would defiantly straddle the border, making it impossible for such a wall to be erected. Just sixth months after his inauguration this was risky move for a brand trying to boost sales in the vast market, but one that felt instinctively right.

“The Bar on the Edge” sent the press and social media into a shit storm. We landed 34 pieces of US coverage — from national newspapers to drinks writers — and reached over 117 million people across the country. That’s how you do word of mouth. Now let’s have a pint of the good stuff to celebrate.

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