Fresh Meet Ep. 1 — Sorry seems to be the hardest word

by Julian Obubo

“I’m sorry”. Two simple words. Two simple, yet, powerful words. As children, our parents constantly remind us of the importance of saying ‘Thank you’ and saying ‘Sorry’. Gratitude and Apology. It usually isn’t easy to get honest contrition out of a toddler, but that’s to be expected. What’s also surprisingly difficult, as we’ll get to discuss, is getting honest contrition out of companies.

In the first episode of our Fresh Meet podcast, we’re discussing the art of saying sorry. We’ll be looking at individuals and brands that have done it well and those that haven’t. We’ll also be taking a look at some…I guess, unconventional styles of brand apologies.

Take a listen and tweet us your thoughts.

Guests on this podcast:
 Paul Sutton: Digital Media Consultant and host of The Digital Download Podcast
 Alex Myers: Founder and CEO of Manifest Group
 Maja Zupan: Strategy Director at Manifest Group

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