Fresh Meet Ep. 5 — Hard Work & Hustle: How to get started in the PR industry

by Martin Farrar-Smith

Fresh Meet is Manifest’s monthly podcast covering all aspects in PR, Branding & Comms. Make sure you never miss an episode by subscribing to the podcast on iTunes.

In the fifth episode of Fresh Meet, we flip the script on the “How I Made It” interview genre. Instead of chatting with CEOs and founders with decades of experience, we have an illuminating chat with three Manifest colleagues on their fascinating journeys into PR.

We hear from Liana Bignall, Senior Account Executive at Manifest London on the challenges of making the transition from Australia to London. Moll Levine, Campaign Manager at Manifest New York talks about the importance of finding one’s passion. Namuli Katumba, Account Manager at Manifest London recalls the epiphany that led her to switch careers and become an intern in her thirties.

All three stories can serve as inspiration to young people interested in studying and entering the PR and comms industry, those in the early stages of their careers and those who are considering a career switch.

Take a listen and tweet us your thoughts.

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